Erick Rowan carted around a tiny cage for ages. Fans wondered what was in that cage and then it turned out to be a spider. The reveal went over like a led balloon and then they killed off the spider the next week.

Erick Redbeard had his own ideas for that cage reveal. He told Sportskeeda that he had a lot of ideas that he wrote out and pitched to Paul Heyman and other creative heads. It just didn’t seem to resonate with them.

“All that build for something so trivial was kinda sucky for me,” he added. “Cause we go to work and we put in all these things and you have all these ideas in your head, and then that’s what it is. I sent messages to Heyman. I sent messages to the writers. I wrote out long things about what I thought it should be. Here’s what we could pitch. I had over the top ideas about it.”

He had an idea to bring in Jyoti Amge from American Horror Story. She is the world’s smallest woman and she would play the part of something Rowan needed to protect. Of course, they shot that idea down as well.


“I’m so large and she would be so small, and delicate. It would show a different side of me to the fans,” he explained. “Everyone is trying to humanize people in wrestling these days, and I thought the most un-human characters are the best. That’s the most intriguing when you watch a movie. You watch a movie and you see people that you can relate to as being your creepy uncles in prison. That’s interesting to me. And that’s what I like. I like the horrors of the world and how they have feelings as well, but no one can sympathize with them because they’re such horrible people.”

Rowan ended up with a big fake spider in that cage. It wasn’t the reveal that fans were expecting. As it turns out, it wasn’t the reveal that Erick Rowan was looking for either.

Thanks to Sportskeeda for the quote

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