Talk ‘N Shop Beer Is Coming Very Soon

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The Good Brothers aren’t just stopping with pay-per-views. Talk ‘N Shop is now getting into the brewing business.

Talk ‘N Shop A Mania was such a success that the Good Brothers feel obligated to do another one. According to Rocky Romero, Doc Gallows is already coming up with parodies of WWE’s newest storylines.

Karl Anderson tweeted out an image that should make thirsty fans very happy. He said that Talk ‘N Shop beer is almost ready.

#TalkNShopBeerSki ALMOST available for sale n shipment…. ALMOST.. #BrotherSoftly n be ready!

Fans will soon get their own beerskis from the Good Brothers. Pricing and other ordering information will likely come when they are ready to ship.

Talk ‘N Shop A Mania II will be enjoyed by fans who are drunk on the Good Brother’s personal recipe. 2020 hasn’t been all bad.

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