Chris Jericho’s Band Fozzy SLAMMED For Ignoring Social Distancing At Concert


Fozzy had to cancel a lot of dates on their Save The World Tour, but now they’re back and rocking just like there was no pandemic. The problem is that there is a pandemic.

Chris Jericho and his band Fozzy played a gig at Minor, North Dakota on Saturday night. They had a packed venue and the mosh pit was going in full force. The problem with mosh pits is that it doesn’t give a lot of room for social distancing.

Masks were not spotted in the crowd either. There were a lot of very upset fans, and also people who were calling Jericho out for this bad look. Then again, Jericho did once call the COVID-19 pandemic “mass hysteria.”

AEW tests everyone before they are allowed to enter their bubble. Chris Jericho has needed to pass multiple tests in the process.

The show looked like it was a success when it came to everyone having a great time. It probably wasn’t the best idea when the nation is trying to get a handle on this pandemic that is not going away on its own.

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