Pro Wrestling World Debates Intergender Wrestling After Recent Controversy

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The subject of intergender wrestling caught fire today after Lance Storm proposed that the idea be done away with in light of the #SpeakingOut movement. Soon plenty of people were discussing intergender wrestling and arguing their points.

Fans and wrestlers alike weighed in on the subject. Lance Storm clarified and defended his statements several times as he responded to his notifications on Twitter.

Storm stated that he has had female students come to him concerned about wrestling men, but there was pressure on them to do so. He tried to make a point that pressuring someone into saying yes is not consent.

I’m spitting the fact that female students/wrestlers have come to me with fears and concerns of the predatory nature of inter gender matches at the Indy level. That is not opinion that is fact, I am voicing and supporting them.

There were plenty of people who spoke out in defense of intergender wrestling as well. The idea was also argued that intergender wrestling should stop because it’s not believable. Storm did not make that argument, but it was been one made in the past by Jim Cornette among others.

You can check out some responses regarding the subject below. Intergender wrestling isn’t going away, but the conversation about the style of wrestling was certainty drummed up today by Lance Storm’s tweet.

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