WWE was in the process of building new Superstars under Paul Heyman’s watch. Then the rug was pulled out from underneath so many as Heyman was fired. Maria Kanellis’ world was turned upside down before that was she was released from WWE.

Kanellis lashed out on Twitter about WWE. She said her former employer doesn’t know how to build new Superstars. She said they just want to spike a rating and then carry on after a quick fix.

She plead with them to stop being lazy about their stories because that is how they will get viewership to rise.

WWE doesnt want to build new stars, they want to spike the ratings for a couple weeks to keep the investors/networks happy. What WWE doesn’t seem to get, is ratings improve when people care about the story/stars. Invest in talent, spend the time building stars, stop the laziness.


WWE is doing a lot to pique interest, but we’ll have to see how long they can keep their momentum going.

The company’s decision to bring back Shane McMahon could certainly result in an interesting situation as they look forward to another hopeful spike in viewership.

Felix Upton

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