Adam Cole won’t be back on Pat McAfee’s show after a blow-up last week. McAfee made it clear that Cole won’t be back during a statement following the incident. McAfee read Adam Cole’s apology on the air, and he didn’t seem too impressed.

Cole tweeted out an apology where he expressed remorse and embarrassment about how he acted. McAfee addressed Adam Cole’s apology during his radio show as he read the apology for the first time.

“This is the first time we’ve heard from Adam Cole by the way since he stormed out of here after pushing Ty,” McAfee said before reading Cole’s apology.

Then the retired NFL punter said that “it was nice of him to apologize,” but Cole could have mentioned Pat McAfee by name. “Yeah, say my f*ckin’ name,” McAfee retorted.

It wasn’t specified if Pat McAfee’s ban on having Adam Cole on his show was lifted. McAfee certainly saw the apology and it seems like they will try to move on. Let’s just hope Adam Cole is able to keep his composure in future interviews.

Felix Upton

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