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For tonight’s episode of NXT, 3 segments have been confirmed, only two of them are matches. Let’s take a look at the announced card for tonight.

First up, following a backstage confrontation between the two last week, Karrion Kross will take on Dominik Dijakovic. Kross has made his intentions clear, and his sighs are set on NXT double-champion Keith Lee, but he’ll have to get through Lee’s best frenemy, Dijakovic, first. Will he make it out the other side, or will Kross suffer his first defeat?

Also on tonight’s card following actions from last week, Killian Dain requested a match against Dexter Lumis from Robert Stone. Stone seems to have been able to pull some strings, because Dain and Lumis will clash one-on-one tonight.


Finally, NXT General Manager William Regal has a “huge announcement” for tonight. What could it be? No clues have been given and no reports have leaked, so what could the announcement be? Could Regal be setting up the next NXT TakeOver event? We’ll find out tonight.

And that’s all that has been confirmed for tonight’s card. Check back to Ringside News for our NXT coverage, which will begin when NXT goes live at 8:00 PM EST!

Opening Segment

William Regal opens the show, tossing to Keith Lee addressing the audience directly. Lee talks about how difficult his journey has been to get to where he is. He says that he was prepared for opportunities when they struck, which is what led him to become double-champion.

He says that he wants to make the most of his opportunities and wants to defend the NXT Championship as much as he possibly can, so he will be relinquishing the NXT North American Championship so that other people can get the same opportunities that he can have.

This seems to be Regal’s huge announcement. William Regal calls this idea “wonderful and noble.” He says that we will have a series of qualifying triple threat matches, beginning tonight, and the winners will meet four weeks from this Saturday at NXT TakeOver in a ladder match for the NXT North American Championship. Tonight’s match will feature Bronson Reed, Roderick Strong, and Johnny Gargano.

Dexter Lumis vs. Killian Dain

Lumis and Dain tie up, but Dain takes Lumis down with a series of shoulder tackles. Lumis gets in Dain’s head and freaks him out, but Dain hits Lumis with an uppercut. Dain tosses Lumis out of the ring. Dain gives chase, but Lumis gets back in the ring and tries to prevent Dain from re-entering the ring.

Dain pulls Lumis out of the ring and Lumis lays into Dain with a series of strikes. Dain tries to whip Lumis into the steel steps, but Lumis leaps over the steps. Dain takes Lumis down with a crossbody, then breaks the count in the ring.

Dain picks Lumis up and tosses him face-first into the plexiglass around the ring multiple times, then tosses Lumis back in the ring. Dain hits Lumis with a running knee to the face, but Lumis catches Dain with a strike to the stomach. Dain enters the ring and hangs Lumis over the middle rope, hitting a leg drop on Lumis from the middle rope. Dain pins Lumis for two and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Dain is in control of Lumis, but Lumis seems unphased, possibly enjoying the pain. Dain hits Lumis with a pump kick to the face on a kneeling Lumis, then Dain runs at Lumis, but Lumis catches him with a spinebuster.

Lumis hits Dain with a Thesz Press, then a bulldog out of the corner. Lumis follows it up with a belly to back suplex and a standing leg drop, pinning Dain for two. Lumis goes for a senton from the top rope, but Dain rolls out of the way. Dain hits Lumis with a dropkick, sending Lumis into the corner, and follows it up with a cannonball senton, then a powerbomb and an elbow drop, pinning Lumis for two.

Dain picks up Lumis , but Lumis hits a ura nage on Dain and goes for the Kata Gatame, but Dain escapes. Lumis runs at Dain in the corner and goes to the top rope, but Dain stalls him. Dain goes for the superplex from the top rope, but Lumis sends Dain to the mat, then hits a senton and the Kata Gatame on Dain. Dain tries to break the hold, but he passes out, giving Lumis the submission victory.

Winner: Dexter Lumis

Roderick Strong is interviewed backstage about his upcoming triple threat match. Strong says that tonight is the opportunity for the Undisputed Era to get back on track. Strong says that he should be in the match already, since he never got a rematch.

Bronson Reed interrupts and says that tonight is his opportunity. Johnny Gargano walks up and says that he will become NXT North American Champion again, and he teases Reed, then walks away.

A video package from Dakota Kai runs next, and she says how good it felt to kick Io last week. She said that she’s coming for Io, and tells Shirai to bring her NXT Women’s Championship to their next encounter, and we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial, and we head into the next match.

Ever-Rise vs. Breezango

Chase Parker and Tyler Breeze start the match. Breeze takes Parker down with a headlock, but Parker gets back to his feet and breaks the hold. Breeze takes him down with a shoulder block and then tricks him by almost hitting him with a Supermodel Kick.

Parker runs the ropes and Breeze almost hits another Supermodel Kick, but Parker falls to the mat. Matt Martel chants “Defense,” but Breeze hits him with a Supermodel Kick. Parker uses the distraction to jump Breeze, then he tags in Martel.

Martel brings Breeze out of the ring and tosses him into the plexiglass, then whips Breeze back into the corner. Parker tags in and hits Breeze with a series of fists. Parker tries to hit a back body drop, but Breeze lands on his feet and gets to Fandango for the tag.

Fandango comes in and clears house, hitting a combo Russian leg sweep on Parker and Martel, sending them to the outside. Fandango hits a dive to both men on the outside, then tags Breeze in. Martel gets in the ring and they hit a pair of superkicks on Martel. Breeze and Fandango do the same to Parker, then pin him for three.

Winners: Breezeango

Tom Phillips tosses to a backstage interview with Dominik Dijakovic. Dijakovic seems like he is watching his back for a surprise attack, and he says that, while he was racking his brain trying to figure out his next move, he now knows that his next move is to knock out Karrion Kross. Dijakovic walks away and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, and Io Shirai has responded to Dakota Kai on Twitter, with Shirai saying that she’ll “be seeing” Kai.

Aliyah (w/Robert Stone) vs. Shotzi Blackheart

Shotzi runs at Aliyah, but Aliyah dodges and goes for kick, but Shotzi evades. Shotzi hits a takedown on Aliyah and a legdrop, then a reverse senton to Aliyah while Aliyah is laying on the middle rope. Blackheart went for a diving dropkick to Aliyah on the apron, but Aliyah evades. Shotzi flies to the outside, and Aliyah dives at Shozi, sending her face first into the floor.

Aliyah tosses Shotzi back in the ring and continues the attack, slamming Shotzi’s face into the canvas and the bottom rope. Aliyah hits a Northern Lights suplex and bridges into a pin, covering Shotzi for two.

Aliyah locks in a Camel Clutch on Shotzi. Shotzi fights to her knees and takes Aliyah down, then rolls up Aliyah for a one count. Aliyah tosses Shotzi intp the corner and runs at her, but Shotzi evades and hits a cannonball on Aliyah. Shotzi follows it up with a switchblade kick then a back drop driver, covering Aliyah for two.

Shotzi gets Aliyah in a double chicken wing, but Aliyah rolls up Shotzi and covers her, but the ref catches Aliyah’s feet on the ropes. Blackheart hits Aliyah with a suplex and and goes to the apron. Stone follows her and gets to the apron, but Shotzi hits him with a kick and sends him to the floor, landing on his injured ankle. Shotzi hits a diving senton onto Aliyah from the top rope, then pins her for three.

Winner: Shotzi Blackheart

Outside the ring, Shotzi runs over Robert Stone’s other leg with her tank. Suddenly, Mercedes Martinez comes out of nowhere and hits Shotzi with a kick. Aliyah runs to Stone and tries to pull his leg from underneath the tank and Martinez stares them down, but she walks to the back instead of attacking them.

Up next, the triple threat qualifying match for the NXT North American Championship ladder match, right after this commercial.

Back from commercial, we get a video package for Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, where he talks about how he now know what it takes to become a champion after his match with Johnny Gargano after The Great American Bash. Scott calls out Santos Escobar, saying that he is the only one in the WWE who has beaten Escobar, and he says that he will be the next NXT Cruiserweight Champion.

Johnny Gargano vs. Bronson Reed vs. Roderick Strong in a Qualifying Match for the NXT North American Championship Ladder Match

Reed takes Gargano down and sends him out of the ring and Strong gets hit with a shoulder tackle and goes to the outside. Gargano and Strong try to discuss teaming up to take down Reed, but they can’t trust each other and Reed takes advantage. Reed takes Strong and and Gargano goes for a hurricanrana, but Reed hits Gargano with a powerbomb.

Strong gets to his feet and Reed gets Strong in a fireman’s carry. Gargano dives at Reed and Reed catches Gargano, so Strong goes for an Olympic Slam on Reed. Reed is too heavy. Gargano runs at Reed and goes for an enziguri, but Reed ducks and Gargano nails Strong. Reed pushes Gargano into Strong and both men go to the outside, sending us to a commercial break.

Back from commercial and Gargano and Strong are struggling to get on the same page when it comes to who will spearhead the attack on Reed. They seem to have come to a brief agreement and trade chops on Reed. Reed fights out of the corner briefly, but Gargano kicks Reed in the knee and sends Reed down.

Gargano and Strong try to take Reed out, but Reed pulls them into each other and sends them both to the mat. Strong gets to his feet and tries to take down Reed, but Gargano comes in and slingshots Strong into Reed’s groin. Gargano hits the slingshot spear on Strong and dives onto Reed.

Gargano tires to hit another slingshot spear on Strong but Strong catches him and hits him with a backbreaker, pinning him for two. Strong goes for a Stronghold on Gargano, but Reed comes in and takes Strong down with a bionic elbow. Reed takes down Gargano and throws Strong into him on the ground. Both men stack up in the corner and Reed hits them with a splash in the corner. Reed pins Strong, but Gargano breaks up the pin at two.

Gargano and Reed trade blows. Reed gets Gargano in a military press, but Strong hits a chop block on Reed. Gargano hits a kick on Reed and Strong hits Reed with the Olympic Slam. Gargano tosses Strong to the outside the pins Reed for two.

Gargano wraps Reed in the ropes and hits him with a superkick. Strong intercepts Gargano as he goes for another and hits Gargano with a backbreaker. Strong runs the ropes and hits Reed with a series of forearms, but Gargano catches Strong and takes him out of the ring. They trade blows on the outside until Reed hits a dive onto both men, taking them out and sending us to another commercial.

Back from commercial and Bronson Reed is handling both Gargano and Strong in the ring. Reed runs at Strong in the corner, but Strong catches Reed with a boot to the face. Nevertheless, Reed catches both Gargano and Strong in a fireman’s carry, hitting a double Samoan Drop. Reed covers Gargano for two.

Reed sets Strong on the middle rope and follows, but Gargano catches Reed and takes him to the mat. Gargano goes to the top rope instead and goes for a superplex, but Strong tries to get Gargano in a fireman’s carry. Reed picks up Gargano in an electric chair. Strong tries to dive and hit Gargano, but Gargano ducks and hits Reed with a poison hurricanrana.

Strong nails Gargano with a leaping knee to the face before Gargano can go for the pin, then pins Reed himself, but Gargano hits Strong with a superkick, breaking up the pin. Gargano goes to the outside and Reed gets on the apron. Gargano tries to hit a powerbomb onto Reed from the apron, and Strong hits Reed with a superkick, allowing Gargano to nail the powerbomb.

Back in the ring, Strong hits a step-up knee strike on Gargano and picks him up, planting him face first into the mat. Strong pins him for two. Strong goes for a double underhook suplex, but Gargano escapes and locks in the Gargano Escape briefly. Strong reveres into a pinfall attempt, but Gargano kicks out and hits Strong with a Lawn Dart into the corner.

Gargano lines up for the DIY Superkick in the corner, but Strong evades and hits Gargano with a lungbuster. Gargano gets to the apron and hits Strong with the One Final Beat DDT. Gargano pins Strong, but Reed hits a splash onto Strong from the top rope, breaking up the pin. Reed covers Strong for the three count victory.

Winner: Bronson Reed

Reed celebrates at the bottom of the ramp next to the NXT North American Championship.

We see a recap of Timothy Thatcher beating Oney Lorcan and keeping the armbar past the submission, and we are told that the rematch between the two of them is next, right after this commercial break.

Back from commercial break and we head right into the next match.

Timothy Thatcher vs. Oney Lorcan

Lorcan and Thatcher stare each other down. Neither man can seem to get an advantage at first, but Thatcher gets Lorcan to the ground and gets a waist lock in. Lorcan escapes and gets behind Thatcher, locking in a front chancery. Thatcher goes for an armbar, but Lorcan gets Thatcher on the ground and goes for a wrist lock.

Thatcher gets to his feet and goes for an armbar again, but Lorcan gets Thatcher to the mat. Thatcher tries to go for an armbar, but Lorcan reveres and mounts Thatcher. Thatcher hits Lorcan with a palm strike, knocking Lorcan off of him. Thatcher hits Lorcan with a belly to belly suplex, pinning him for two.

Thatcher immediately goes after a headlock, then goes into a lateral press, covering Lorcan for two. Lorcan tries to pick Thatcher’s leg, but Thatcher remains planted on the ground and hits a suplex on Lorcan. Thatcher covers Lorcan for one, but Thatcher goes into another submission attempt. Lorcan blocks, but Thatcher uses leverage to lock in a bow and arrow on Lorcan.

Thatcher leans Lorcan back into a pinfall attempt, but Lorcan kicks out. Lorcan mounts Thatcher and goes for a leg lock, but Thatcher gets in a double wrist lock. Lorcan quickly get to the bottom rope and forces a break, but Thatcher doesn’t let up and drives his knee into Lorcan’s side multiple times, covering him for two.

Back to their feet, Lorcan hits Thatcher with a pair of running uppercuts, sending Thatcher out of the ring. Thatcher drags Lorcan to the outside, but Lorcan pushes Thatcher face first into the ring post, and we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial and Thatcher and Lorcan are back in the ring. Thatcher locks in a half nelson and wears down Oney Lorcan with clubbing blows to the back. Lorcan escapes and gets to the middle rope, then hits a diving European uppercut on Thatcher. Thatcher gets to his feet and goes for another hold, but Lorcan takes Thatcher down with a double wrist lock.

Thatcher escapes and gets to his feet, then strikes away at Lorcan’s face. Lorcan gets a single leg Boston crab on Thatcher. Thatcher tries to pick the leg, so Lorcan releases the hold and goes for a Fujiwara armbar. Thatcher fishhooks Lorcan’s mouth, which breaks the hold.

Lorcan hits a series of chops on Thatcher and a suplex, covering Thatcher for two. They get to their feet and Lorcan chops at Thatcher’s chest. Thatcher tries to pick Lorcan’s leg, but Lorcan blocks and goes for an armbar. Thatcher tries to stay on on his feet and forces a break breifly, but Lorcan goes right back to the hold.

Lorcan wrenches away at Thatcher’s leg, but Thatcher picks the leg and rolls up Lorcan, Lorcan keeps his hold on Thatcher’s arm, but Thatcher pins Lorcan and grabs a handful of tights, catching him in a three-count, winning the match via pinfall.

Winner: Timothy Thatcher

Backstage, Robert Stone and Aliyah are attending to Stone’s leg. Mercedes Martinez confronts Stone and Aliyah. Martinez says that she is just looking for someone to look over contracts and take care of all of the stuff outside of the ring. Stone says that he is her man. Stone extends a hand and welcomes her to the Robert Stone Brand, and Martinez shakes his hand, seemingly joining Stone’s brand.

Up next, Dominik Dijakovic and Karrion Kross go one-on-one, right after this commercial break.

Back from commercial, and Finn Balor cuts a promo backstage and talks about how he will take advantage of the opportunities that Keith Lee is offering the NXT roster. Balor calls out Dexter Lumis and Timothy Thatcher, and it seems that a match between the three of them will happen next week as another qualifying match for the NXT North American Championship qualifying match.

Beth Phoenix confirms this match for next week, and then we head into the main event.

Karrion Kross (w/Scarlett) vs. Dominik Dijakovic

Dijakovic and Kross stare at each other and share some words. Dijakovic and Kross lock up, but neither man can get the upper hand, as they seem to be equally matched in strength.

In a second tie-up, Dijakovic gets Kross in the corner, but the ref forces a break. Kross knees Dijakovic in the midsection and gets in a headlock, with Dijakovic on his knees. Dijakovic tries to fight to his feet and he runs Kross into the corner, but Kross keeps the hold in.

Dijakovic picks up Kross and goes for Feast Your Eyes, but Kross reverses and goes for a Doomsday Saito. Dijakovic blocks and hits Kross with a strike to the face, knocking Kross out of the ring.

Dijakovic gives chase, and Kross tires to punch Dijakovic, but Dijakovic evades and Kross punches the plexiglass. Dijakovic kicks Kross in the head and tosses him into the corner in the ring, but Kross catches Dijakovic with a DDT, spiking him on his head, and we head to a commercial break.

Back from commercial and Kross has Dijakovic on his knees in the ring. Dijakovic gets to his feet and strikes at Kross’s head, but Kross hits a Doomsday Saito out of nowhere, taking Dijakovic down. Kross seems to signal for the Krossjacket, but Dijakovic blocks it and tosses Kross to the mat.

Dijakovic gets Kross in a fireman’s carry. Kross escapes, but Dijakovic catches Kross with a forearm, and Kross seems dazed. Dijakovic strikes at Kross more, getting to his feet and getting Kross in the corner. Dijakovic hits Kross with a back elbow and tosses Kross across the ring. Dijakovic signals for a chokeslam bomb, and Dijakovic hits it, pinning Kross for two.

Kross escapes to the outside of the ring, and Dijakovic hits a dive onto Kross on the outside. Dijakovic tires to toss Kross into the steps, but Kross reverses and sends Dijakovic into the steps. Kross breaks the ring count and pushes Dijakovic’s face into the steel steps, then kicks the steps into Kross’s face, smashing Dijakovic’s face between the steel steps and the ring apron.

Dijakovic doesn’t move and the official goes out to the ring to check on him. Kross gets in the ring and the ref starts the count, but Kross escapes the ring, forcing the count to restart. Kross grabs Dijakovic’s leg and drags him out, rolling him into the ring. Dijakovic still hasn’t moved, but that doesn’t stop Kross.

Kross mounts Dijakovic and just punches him in the face repeatedly. Keith Lee comes down to the ring and stares at Kross. Kross stares back as he continues to punch at Dijakovic. Lee moves and grabs the rope, looking like he might come into the ring. Dijakovic looks at him and tells him, “No,” seemingly telling Lee not to get involved. Dijakovic says, “It’s on me. It’s my call Keith. It’s my call.”

Kross mounts Dijakovic again and lays into him with another forearm. Lee grabs the rope again and Dijakovic tells him “No,” again, telling Lee not to get involved. Kross picks Dijakovic up and stares at Lee, saying, “Are you watching, Keith?” Kross locks in the Krossjacket right in front of Lee. Dijakovic passes out the Karrion Kross gets the victory.

Winner: Karrion Kross

As soon as the bell rings, Keith Lee enters the ring. Kross releases the hold and retreats to the opposite corner of the ring. Lee checks on Dijakovic while Kross stares him down. Kross escapes the ring and retreats up the ramp with Scarlett, but he continues to stare daggers into Keith Lee from the apron. Lee and Kross stare each other in the face as NXT goes off the air.

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