Mike Bennett Says Nobody From WWE Called To Check On Him During Addiction Recovery


Mike Bennett went through a whirlwind of recovery and personal growth in the last year. WWE wasn’t there for him throughout his ordeal. They didn’t fire him, but they also apparently didn’t call to check up on him.

One fan tried to take a shot at Kanellis by saying that WWE paid for his rehab. He had to make it clear that the only rehab he received was from his wife. He didn’t go to any facility.

Mike Bennett then stated that WWE didn’t even call him. That included Triple H or any other person from management.

I never went to rehab. My wife was my rehab. I recovered on the road. They never paid for my rehab and they also never reached out to me once.Not a single person in management ever contacted me to see if I needed help or if I was doing ok in my recovery.All credit goes to my wife

We’ll have to see where Mike Bennett ends up in pro wrestling world. He already seems very happy about this decision and starting a new chapter in his life.

Hopefully, he never has a relapse and can stay clean and sober. Even if WWE didn’t call to check up on him Bennett still has a ton of support around him.

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