Bret Hart Calls Out Vince McMahon For Screwing His Father On Big Business Deal


Vince McMahon owes a lot to the Hart family for everything they gave to his company. It turns out that he also owes their late patriarch a lot of cash too.

During a recent episode of Confessions Of The Hitman, the two-time WWE Hall Of Famer revealed that Vince McMahon owes his father a lot of money. Stu Hart’s legendary pro wrestling company was sold to McMahon, but the check was apparently never issued.

WWE worked out a deal with Bret’s father Stu Hart to purchase Stampede Wrestling, but according to Hart his father never received the payment. He noted that McMahon must have forgot.

“They worked out a deal. Vince McMahon bought my dad’s wrestling company for, I believe it was 1984, bought it for $750,000. He never paid it. My dad gave up his show. Vince McMahon took over his time slot and took over, basically all the contacts for all the buildings and venues my dad was partnered with, and kind of took over. And he forgot to pay my dad. He forgot. It’s one of those things that Vince McMahon tended to do, but he never paid my father.”

In case you’re wondering, counting for inflation that missed payment of $750,000 would be worth $1,902,571.57 today. That is quite a debt to owe Stu Hart, but Vince McMahon has probably long forgot about that past-due balance.

Vince McMahon has been a part of many shrewd business deals throughout his career. There’s a reason why he’s still on top. Do you think that he just forgot? Sound off in the comments below!

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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