Sarah Logan Reveals Strange Dream She Had About Keith Lee & Triple H

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Sarah Logan left pro wrestling after her WWE release. Before her non-compete clause was over Sarah Rowe announced that she is pregnant. It’s a very happy time for Erik Rowe and his wife Sarah. She might be having some strange dreams in the meantime.

Rowe got on Twitter and revealed that she had a dream about Keith Lee. She wrestled the NXT double champion in an obstacle course wrestling match. We’re not certain of the specific stipulations, but Triple H was there to call the action.

I had a dream where I wrestled @RealKeithLee in an obstacle course wrestling match and @TripleH was on commentary. Keith was to big to do some of the obstacles, ppfffttt

Sarah Rowe didn’t reveal if she won that dream match in her dreams, but Keith Lee apparently had some troubles making it through the course. As of this writing, Keith Lee has yet to comment.

Rowe might never wrestle again if she decides to leave that world behind. It won’t stop her from dreaming about it.

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