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Coming out of a spectacular 2-night affair of the Great American Bash, NXT is still set to deliver a stellar night with a women’s title match set for what will likely be the main event.

Io Shirai has yet to defend her NXT Women’s Championship since winning it at NXT TakeOver: In Your House, and she faces one of her toughest possible opponents tonight in Tegan Nox. With so many changes of the guard lately and rumors abound that NXT is set for a new era, will Io drop the title to Nox in her first defense? Find out tonight.

The only other match set for tonight’s card is a grudge match between Cameron Grimes and Damian Priest. Grimes has been a thorn in the side of Priest ever since his lost to Finn Balor at In Your House, and their last bout ended in controversial fashion as Grimes won following a cheap shot before the match. Tonight, Priest looks for revenge.

Finally, the NXT Universe is set to hear from the new NXT Champion and current NXT North American Champion, Keith Lee. After dethroning Adam Cole, the longest-reigning NXT Champion of all time, who could possibly stop the Limitless One? Perhaps Karrion Kross will make his intentions clear as he clearly has his eyes set on Lee, but we will find out tonight.

NXT begins a new era tonight: the era of Keith Lee. We will be covering all of the action when NXT goes live tonight at 8:00 PM, EST!

Opening Segment

We see highlights from the Winner-Take-All match from last week. We also see superstars of the NXT roster calling out Keith Lee.

Keith Lee comes down to the ring with both titles and a mic. After celebrating for a brief moment about his victory. Lee says that he understands that the past few months have been difficult for everyone, but there is something special about being in the ring and being the double champion.

He goes on to say that, now he has celebrated, he knows that there is a locker room full of people who are gunning for the target on his back. He says that his win was due to opportunity and chances; “there’s no such thing as a self-made man.” He says that he had help from his late trainer and the NXT Universe.

He thanks the NXT Universe, but then calls out one person in particular who had played “a pivotal role” in Lee’s crowning as a double champion. He calls out Dominik Dijakovic.

Dijakovic comes down to the ring, but in street clothes, not his ring gear. Dijakovic grabs a mic and says that no one on the planet is as proud of Lee as Dijakovic is, but Dijakovic says that things aren’t about him. Lee disagrees and says that things are about both of them, as Dijakovic was the man who pushed him the most.

Lee says that he talked to Regal and wants Dijakovic to be the first challenger for both of his championships. Dijakovic asks when, and Lee says that he wants to do it tonight. Dijakovic starts to reject the offer, but Lee encourages Dijakovic to accept the challenge, so Dijakovic relents. They fist bump in the ring and smile.

Tegan Nox is shown arriving at the Performance Center, and we are reminded about the title match between Nox and Shirai. Up next, Damian Priest and Cameron Grimes will go one-on-one right after this commercial break.

Cameron Grimes vs. Damian Priest

Priest takes the fight to Grimes as soon as the match starts, pinning him in the corner and stomping away. Priest hits the running elbow smash into the corner, then follows it up with a spinning back kick to the face in the corner.

Grimes escapes the ring and Priest gives chase. Grimes runs back in the ring but neutralizes the threat of Priest, hitting him with a dropkick and dropping him outside of the ring. Grimes tosses Priest back in the ring and Grimes covers him for two. Grimes whips Priest into the corner and hits a dropkick, pinning Priest for two again, and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, Priest hits Grimes with a bell clap and a lariat, taking Grimes down. Priest goes for another elbow splash into the corner, but Grimes evades and sends Priest to the outside. Grimes gives chase and Priest tries hits a crucifix bomb on Grimes on the apron.

Back in the ring, Priest hits Grimes with a flat liner and covers him for two. Priest goes for The Reckoning, but Grimes reverses into a roll-up. Priest kicks out at two, but Grimes hits a diving crossbody, pinning Priest for two again.

Grimes is first to his feet and he lays into Priest with a strike to the face, but Priest comes back and grabs Grimes’s beard, laying in strikes. Grimes hits an enziguri on Priest, then tries to run at Priest. Priest evades and Grimes ends up sitting on the second rope. Priest hits Grimes with a cyclone kick and then The Reckoning, both from the second rope, and Priest pins Grimes for three.

Winner: Damian Priest

Priest looks into the camera and calls out Lee and Dijakovic, saying, “I’m real interested to see who comes out on top.” He wishes both men luck, then poses in the ring.

Io Shirai is shown arriving at the Performance Center earlier today.

We get another segment of Thatcher’s “Thatch-as-Thatch-can” school. He says that there is a counter for every submission. He talks about how he wrenched Oney Lorcan’s arm in the fujiwara armbar, and he says how he does it to make an impression. He says that a tap is a victory, but making your opponent cry leaves an impression, and we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial, and we head right into the next match.

Indi Hartwell vs. Shotzi Blackheart

Shotzi remains in control for most of the beginning of the match, going for a diving attack. Hartwell hits Blackheart with a dropkick, sending Hartwell to the outside. Shotzi gets back in the ring, and Hartwell strikes away at her upper back. Hartwell takes her down with a double ax handle to the back, pinning her for two.

Hartwell sends Shotzi into the ropes, then hits a sidewalks slam on Shotzi, covering for two. Hartwell locks in a surfboard submission on Shotzi. Shotzi gets to her feet and evades Hartwell, hitting a corner splash on Hartwell, followed by a bulldog.

Heartwell hits a Switchblade Kick on Hartwell, then a senton onto Hartwell’s back. Robert Stone comes down the ramp and distracts the ref. Shotzi hit a DDT on Hartwell and goes to the top rope, but Aliyah takes advantage of the distraction, pushing Shotzi off the top rope. Hartwell takes Shotzi down with a big boot, then pins her for three.

Winner: Indi Hartwell

El Legado del Fantasma are up next, right after this commercial break.

Back from commercial, Tegan Nox is interviewed about what she plans on doing to beat Io Shirai tonight. Nox says that Shirai is just an obstacle for her to jump over, and she is in the best shape that she has ever been in, and tonight is her night.

Tom Phillips is alone at the commentary table and throws to a hype package for Legado del Fantasma. After the video package, we see a video recap of Keith Lee becoming a double champion and the outpouring of support following his victory last week, and we are told that Keith Lee vs. Dominik Dijakovic is up next, after this commercial break.

Back from commercial, we head into the next match.

NXT Champion and NXT North American Champion Keith Lee vs. Dominik Dijakovic for the NXT and NXT North American Championship

Lee and Dijakovic lock hands and have a test of strength. Lee overpowers Dijakovic, taking him down to one knee. Lee pushes Dijakovic against the ropes and the ref forces a break.

Dijkovic escapes across the ring and they lock up. Dijakovic again falls to one knee, but Lee and Dijakovic push each other against the rope. Dijakovic ends up with the upper hand, and the ref forces a break again.

Lee and Dijakovic share a fist bump, then tie up again. Lee pushes Dijakovic to the ground, then Dijakovic uses his speed to make a pinfall attempt on Lee, but Lee kicks out before the 1 count.

Dijakovic and Lee again get to their feet and Dijakovic offers a handshake to Lee. Lee wearily shakes his hand, then pulls him into a headlock. Dijakovic reveres into a headlock of his own, but Keith Lee pushes Diajkovic off into the ropes. Dijakovic runs at Lee and they trade shoulder tackles, but neither man falls.

Dijakovic offers a handshake again, but instead hits Lee with a knife edge chop. Lee is not phased, and Lee hits a double chop on Dijakovic, sending him to the ground. Lee goes to the middle rope and Dijakovic runs at Lee, setting him up for a Feast Your Eyes. Lee escapes and Dijakovic stares him down, holding up his fingers to say how close he was to beating Lee, and we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial, and Dijakovic is in control of Lee. Dijakovic gets Lee in a headlock, but Lee powers out of the hold. Dijakovic goes for a lariat, but Lee ducks and Lee hits Dijakovic with a pounce and Dijakovic rolls out of the ring. Lee runs at Dijakovic outside the ring, but Dijakovic evades and gets back in the ring.

In the ring, Lee runs at Dijakovic and Dijakovic grabs Lee and hits him with a sidewalk slam, covering him for two. DIjakovic goes for a discus lariat, but Lee ducks and hits Dijakovic with an elevated over-the-shoulder flip cutter for two.

Lee picks up Dijakovic and places him on the top rope. Lee follows to the middle rope, but Dijakovic knocks Lee to the mat with a headbutt. Dijakovic hits Lee with a blockbuster, covering Lee for two. Dijakovic hits a cyclone boot on Lee, covering Lee for two again.

Dijakovic goes to the middle rope and goes for a diving bionic elbow, but Lee catches Dijakovic and takes him down. Lee picks up Dijakovic and hits the Big Bang Catastrophe on Dijakovic, pinning him for three.

Winner: Keith Lee

Lee offers his hand to Dijakovic to help him to his feet. Dijakovic and Lee hug in the middle of the ring and the lights go out. A spotlight shines on the entrance ramp and Scarlett is there.

She walks down to the ring, holding a black bag. She pours the contents of the bag onto the mat, and it is the remains of the hourglass that Lee shattered weeks ago. Scarlett walks back up the ramp and she and Lee stare each other down.

Timothy Thatcher is in action next, right after this commercial break.

Back from commercial and Io Shirai is shown backstage getting ready for her title defense later tonight.

Dominik Dijakovic is interviewed backstage and says that Keith Lee feels like he is on a whole new level. and Karrion Kross isn’t as good enough to beat him. Kross appears backstage and takes issue with that statement. Dijakovic tries to walk away, but Kross attacks him and lays him out. Kross stares down at the fallen Dijakovic, says, “Tick tock,” and walks away.

Timothy Thatcher vs. Denzel Dejournette

Thatcher and Dejournette tie up, but Thatcher takes an early strength lead. Thatcher pins Dejournette for a quick cover, but Dejournette kicks out. Dejournette and Thatcher grapple on the mat, with both men getting to their feet.

Thatcher takes Dejournette down and Dejournette tries to go after Thatcher’s leg. Dejournette escapes, but Thatcher hits an armdrag, taking him down. Thatcher gets to his feet, and takes Dejournette down. Thatcher gets Dejournette’s leg and locks in a single leg crab, making Dejournette tap out.

Winner: Timothy Thatcher

After the match, Thatcher goes back after that same leg and locks in a single leg crab again. Oney Lorcan runs down for the save, and he chases Timothy Thatcher off. Thatcher escapes the ring and Lorcan challenges Thatcher to get back in the ring, but Thatcher runs away.

We see a tweet from Rhea Ripley, saying that she is coming after the NXT Championship again, as she is done with the Robert Stone Brand. Up next, Io Shirai will defend her NXT Women’s Championship against Tegan Nox, right after this commercial break.

Back from commercial, and we see a video from earlier where Robert Stone comes up to Killian Dain and tries to apologize for spilling coffee on him. Aliyah runs up and shows Stone a drawing that Lumis did, and Dain says that Stone can repay him by getting him a match with Dexter Lumis.

Killian Dain vs. Dexter Lumis has been made official for next week, as has Dominik Dijakovic vs. Karrion Kross, but now we head into the main event.

NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai vs. Tegan Nox

Before the match, Tegan tries to offer a handshake to Io, but Io slaps away her hand and the bell rings.

Nox and Shirai lock up and Nox pushes Io into the corner, then taking her down with a headlock. Nox bar’s Shirai’s arm, but Shirai escapes and gets control of Nox’s arm. Nox reverses as well and gets a wristlock in, but Shirai reveres into a headlock takedown.

Nox rolls Shirai up, but Shirai kicks out at two and transitions right back into the headlock. Shirai transitions to the left arm, but Shirai escapes and hits a drop toe hold on Shirai and goes into a headlock. Shirai and Nox rolls towards the ropes, but Nox and Shirai get to their feet.

Shirai takes Nox down with a headlock fo her own, but Nox takes Shirai tothe mat with a series of armdrags, bridges into a pin for two, then rolls up Shirai for a two. Nox tosses Shirai into the corner and kicks away at her midsection, but Shirai reveres and kicks at Nox’s stomach.

Shirai tosses Nox into the corner and punches and kicks at Nox. Nox tosses Shirai into the corner and kicks at her, then runs at Shirai, but Shirai dumps Nox to the outside. Shirai goes for a sliding dropkick, but Nox evades and gets to the apron. Nox tries for a PK from the apron, but Shirai grabs Nox’s leg and slams her to the apron face first as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Io tosses Nox to the mat by the hair. Shirai taunts Nox, pushing her in the face, but Nox fires back with forearms to the face and a pair of uppercuts. Io runs to the corner and goes for a diving crossbody, but Nox catches Io into a fallaway slam pinfall attempt for two.

Io gets Nox in the corner and hits her with a wrecking ball meteora. Shirai pins Nox for two. Shirai begins to target Nox’s hand and head, but Nox gets to a vertical base and rolls up Shirai for two. Shirai takes Nox down with a kick to the stomach, then locks in a scissor hold on Nox’s neck, using the ropes for leverage, and the ref forces the break.

Shirai goes for a running elbow drop, but Nox rolls out of the way and gets to her feet first. She again rolls up Shirai, but Shirai kicks out at two. Shirai chops Nox across the chest, then gets Nox into a seated positin in the corner. Nox shoves Shirai down and hits her with a forearm smash to the face.

Shirai and Nox trade blows, but Shirai grounds Nox by grabbing her hair and tossing her down. Shirai hits Nox with a double knee strike to Nox’s midsection, but Nox gets to her feet and hits Shirai with a headbutt. Nox tries to build momentum and runs the ropes, but Shirai hits a flapjack on Nox, pinning her for two, and we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial, and Shirai goes for a double stomp, but Nox rolls to the outside. Shirai gives chase and attacks Nox on the outside of the ring. Nox tries to whip Shirai into the steps, but Shirai blocks and tosses Nox into the steps instead. Shirai goes for a meteora on Nox against the steel steps, but Nox evades.

Nox tosses Shirai back into the ring, but Shirai hits Nox with a tiger driver into a back breaker, but Shirai hurt her own knee in the process. Nox rolls up Shirai for two, but Shirai kicks out and hits a German suplex into the bridge for a two count.

Nox gets Shirai into a Tree of Woe in the corner and hits an uppercut and a cannonball senton onto Shirai, pinning her for two. Shirai gets to her feet and Nox takes her down with a series of lariats. Shirai runs at Nox in the corner, but Nox evades. Nox gets to the top rope and hits a diving crossbody, pinning Shirai for two.

Nox hits a chokeslam on Shirai, then pins her for two. Shirai gets to her feet in the corner, and Nox runs at Shirai, hitting her with two running uppercuts in the corner, but Shirai evades the third one, hitting her with a German suplex. Nox gets to a sitting position in the corner, and Shirai hits the meteora on Nox in the corner, then hits the Tiger Faint Kick.

Shirai goes to the top rope and hits a missile dropkick on Nox. Shirai pins Nox, but Nox kicks out at two. Shirai gets a double underhook on Nox, but Nox kicks Shirai’s knee and plants her on the mat face first. Nox gets to the top rope, hitting a Molly-Go-Round, pinning her for a very close two count.

Nox backs up and goes for the Shiniest Wizard, but Shirai gets to her feet and hits her with a shote palm strike, then a moonsault, covering Nox for three.

Winner: Io Shirai

Io Shirai celebrates up the ramp, but she is blindsided by Dakota Kai. Kai comes out of nowhere and hits Shirai, taking her down. Kai stares at the grounded Shirai and at Nox still in the ring as NXT goes off the air.

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