Alexa Bliss Is Now Doing Very Expensive Cameo Videos

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Alexa Bliss finally jumped on the Cameo game, but it’s not cheap for fans to snag a video from Bliss. Her time is very valuable as a multi-time champion in WWE.

Bliss joined Cameo and she put a $399 price tag on her videos. She also put a $19.99 amount on chatting with her. That’s not necessarily an immersive chat, but rather a question for the WWE Superstar.

She uploaded a short video to talk about how excited she is to finally be on Cameo. She’s even done some videos so far, but the only review posted was for a private request. They did say Bliss gave a “great cameo.”

Plenty of pro wrestling figures have Cameo accounts. It’s been a great way for some pro wrestlers to keep money coming in during an incredibly dry spell during a pandemic.

Roman Reigns also has a Cameo account, and the Big Dog actually charges more for a video message. Alexa Bliss has any videos to show off what kind of Cameo messages she’s doing yet. Hopefully she gives fans their money’s worth.

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