What’s REALLY Going On With John Cena’s WWE Contract


John Cena doesn’t wrestle for WWE very often anymore. He hasn’t wrestled since WrestleMania 36 and the Firefly Fun House was arguably not a match at all. What’s going on with his WWE status?

A false report was released and it’s sweeping the internet. People are still talking about it, and it’s not true. This report comes from a meme that was created by some anonymous individual, but the “report” is credited to Dave Meltzer via the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

This “report” going around says that John Cena’s WWE contract expired. It is said he is now free to work for any other pro wrestling company he likes. THIS IS NOT TRUE.

Not only did Dave Meltzer never report that, but John Cena isn’t wrestling for any other company besides WWE. He has stated before that he has no interest in leaving WWE.

John Cena is also incredibly busy with one project after another. We are also in the middle of a pandemic and it’s highly doubtful that any company would bring in a name like Cena for limited live fans at best.

Please don’t believe this report. Not only is it false, but it also never came from the source they are contributing it to. This won’t keep people from talking about it as you can see below.

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