WWE Reportedly Concerned About One Particular Positive Coronavirus Case

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WWE discovered several positive cases of COVID-19 in the company including Jamie Noble. This particular case is reportedly worrying some people backstage.

Jamie Noble is a backstage producer for WWE. He left his in-ring career behind to help others execute their matches as WWE wishes. He is one of the few who came forward to disclose a positive test along with Kayla Braxton, Renee Young, and Adam Pearce.

Fightful reports that some people in WWE are a bit worried considering Noble’s position in the company. As a producer, he was responsible for getting hands-on with his job. He would sometimes go in the ring and position people as well.

There was some concern among members of the roster after Jamie Noble noted that he’d tested positive, as Noble is very hands-on in his production. He’s one of the people that physically repositioning people.

It is reported that there is no heat on Jamie Noble, but it is a situation of “we wish we knew.” Noble is also regarded as one of the best at what he does.

Jamie Noble is not known to be one to raise concern either, but he did need to get in the ring and reposition things during contract signings and other angles like that.

As of this writing we haven’t heard any health update from Jamie Noble since his positive coronavirus test. We continue to send our thoughts toward anyone dealing with that awful virus.

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