Jake Roberts Reveals Something AEW Did For Him That No Other Company Ever Thought About


Jake Roberts traveled the world as a pro wrestler, but he apparently never had a company that he worked for remember his birthday. May 30th came and went for Roberts and nobody wished him happy birthday. That changed for The Snake’s 65th birthday because he is in AEW now.

Roberts revealed while speaking to Wrestling Inc that AEW threw him a birthday party. That is the first pro wrestling company he ever worked for to do such a thing for him.

They had a cake and the whole birthday deal. Roberts also praised Tony Khan for not only being a great guy, but also a thinker.

“My birthday was in May but I’ll tell you what – AEW was the first wrestling promotion that ever had a birthday party for me,” revealed Roberts. “That was pretty cool. They had cake and everything for everybody; it was really nice. The people at AEW are like that – Tony Khan is a wonderful man and a brilliant man. Oh my God, this guy is a thinker. He keeps things moving in the right direction. It’s just a real pleasure being down here. 

Tony Khan is a student of pro wrestling and his treatment of AEW’s roster has been spoken about many times. He seems to really care and puts forth the extra effort to make sure everyone is taken care of.

Hopefully, Jake Roberts can celebrate many more birthdays with All Elite Wrestling. He certainly seemed to enjoy his first one.

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