Lana Reveals Mother Is In ICU With Coronavirus

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Lana broke the news that her mother couldn’t breathe today. She was rushed to the hospital, and there is sad news to report.

CJ Perry revealed that her mother has tested positive for COVID-19. She is also asthmatic and is on oxygen. Right now she can only thank everyone for their prayers as they hope for the best.

My mom tested positive for covid. She is in the ICU right now. She is asthmatic and is on oxygen. Thank you for all the thoughts & prayers

Our thoughts are with Lana and her entire family. This is awful news and we hope she makes it through.

This should also stand as a reminder that even if you think that COVID-19 wouldn’t hurt you, it is devastating for others. Kevin Owens had that same message a month after he had to watch his grandfather-in-law’s funeral on Zoom after he died of coronavirus.

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