WWE programming goes through a lot of changes before fans finally see the finished product. Sometimes Vince McMahon is still hacking away at the script after the show has started.

Andrea Listenberger was released from her position as a WWE creative writer on April 15th. She is responsible for much of the Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville angle that went through WrestleMania. 

Ring The Belle recently spoke to Andrea Listenberger where she discussed the sometimes chaotic nature behind the scenes in WWE when those last minute changes come down from Mr. McMahon.

“For me personally, it wasn’t that huge of an adjustment. In addition to being a comedy writer, before coming in to WWE, I also worked a lot in reality television, I still do work in reality television, and that’s a whole other different podcast, but put it simply, in reality we often joke about network notes where one day they’re out there asking you to shoot something to say one thing, and then you get the footage back, and then you not only have to change it to say something entirely different, but re-work what you’ve shot to go against its purpose. So honestly, after going through a network notes process like that, it’s kind of par for the course, to take the baby, throw it out with the bathwater, start fresh or re-pivot and re-focus.”

It takes a special type of person to be able to shift gears that quickly. Writers can sometimes get invested in what they create so changing things at the last minute has the possibility of being a very difficult process.

Vince McMahon’s way of doing things in WWE hasn’t changed and he still demands his own brand of perfection. It appears that the legends we hear about McMahon’s proclivity to change things around backstage are just what they seem.

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Felix Upton

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