Rey Mysterio tried for a long time to get his son Dominik in a WWE storyline. The company teased getting Dominik heavily involved in angles in the past, but nothing was really done with the idea. Now that it appears Dominik is getting an actual program in WWE, his father’s contract expired.

WWE wants Rey Mysterio to sign new deal. In fact, they could be using his son for leverage. Mysterio’s contract reportedly expired months ago and he’s been working without a contract since.

During Wrestling Observer Radio (transcription by Ringside News), Dave Meltzer explained that WWE is essentially using Dominik as a bargaining chip to keep Mysterio from leaving.

Part of the reason WWE is going to push him to sign is Dominik I think and it’s actually a pretty, I mean it’s a solid reason, but then it’s not because the reality is wherever Rey goes Dominik will certainly get a shot.


There’s an issue with Dominik as Rey’s son he’s either going to work or he’s not and there’s no guarantees and going from a guy who’s never worked anywhere — I know he’s been training for a while, but [Dominik] hasn’t worked anywhere and he has looked good in every physical angle he’s done. There hasn’t been a glitch yet, so that’s a good sign, but a guy who’s never really worked a match and then going to national TV and it doesn’t matter what company you’re talking about whether it be New Japan or wherever that’s a big step.

Rey’s gonna make money wherever he goes for his next contract. He will, but I think one of his goals is to get Dominik set up.

Rey Mysterio could get Dominik set up in a lot of companies. WWE is obviously the place where Mysterio sees the best future for his son.

We’ll have to see if this situation causes Mysterio to stick around, or it could lead to an exit for both Mysterios from WWE.

Thanks to Wrestling Observer Radio, transcription by Ringside News

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