AEW Possibly Agrees To Match Rey Mysterio’s WWE Contract Demands


Rey Mysterio is working for WWE without a contract. What are the chances he will go to AEW?

Since Mysterio is working without a contract, he could go anywhere he wants. He is remaining with WWE for now. The Elite obviously sees Mysterio’s value as he was in the main event of All In. They might want him back on a more regular basis.

During Wrestling Observer Radio (transcription by Ringside News), Dave Meltzer discussed Rey Mysterio’s options at this point. He could go to AEW. That might be a place where he and Dominik will not only be protected, but they could also make the same money.

The favorite is [Mysterio] staying [in WWE], but the fact that he’s not signed and they’ve got a number that they want and he’s got a number that he wants, and the reality is that they have not met his number. And, he’s not agreeing to their number that would tell me that it’s amenable to somebody else’s number if somebody else is going to match the number, or match the circumstances.

The one thing is that you never know with Vince. If it were me and I were in Rey’s shoes as far as his own career and his own push and now we’re talking about Dominik I would be more confident with a push in AEW than I would in WWE and being a top guy and not being forgotten as well

It was suspected that Mysterio would make the same money in AEW as he does in WWE. It was also stated that Mysterio is sure to get “a great offer” from AEW.

Right now Rey Mysterio is still working for WWE without a contract. That doesn’t mean he won’t pick up the phone if Tony Khan calls him.

Thanks to Wrestling Observer Radio, transcription by Ringside News

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