The novel coronavirus is racking up record numbers and people are still arguing about wearing masks. Low-Ki had a very controversial statement to make about wearing masks. Now Dax Harwood has joined the conversation.

The FTR member fired back a tweet in reply to Low-Ki. He stated that if him wearing a mask has the chance to possibly protect his daughter then he’s going to do it. If not, then the worst that happened is he wore a mask. He’s going to take that chance.

I choose to wear a mask because it POSSIBLY will make my 6 y/o daughter’s life a little safer. Am I right? Who knows, but if wearing a dumb mask over my face will help my daughter or anyone else in the world, I’ll take the chance. & if it’s wrong, I wore a fucking mask. Oh well.

No mask is going to protect 100% of the time, but they don’t do more harm than good. Dax Harwood understands what is at risk and he understands that it’s worth doing anything possible to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus before it does even more damage.

Felix Upton

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