Dustin Rhodes Cracks Joke About Having ‘The Bird Flu’


The world is dealing with a lot right now. Dustin Rhodes was trying to break the tension a bit with a little bit of humor. He thought of a good pun and let it go on social media.

The Natural tweeted out that he discovered he has the bird flu. Now he must go to “tweetment.” It was punny, and his followers seemed to enjoy the sudden burst of humor in their otherwise bleak timelines.

So today I found out I had the “Bird Flu”. Glad I am now taking TWEETMENT.

Seriously, I’m out. I won’t let the door hit me in the ass.

The bird puns flew around like crazy. There was easily a flock of people cracking wise and trying to one-up each other. This was thanks to Dustin Rhodes’ bad dad joke.

Perhaps Chris Jericho can give Dustin Rhodes some stage time as a comedian on his next cruise. Dustin certainly seems to have the comedic chops for it.

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