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NXT is currently advertising that, in less than one month’s time, we will have two competitors competing in a match to determine our first double champion. One of those men will be current NXT Champion Adam Cole, the other will be decided in tonight’s main event. However, that’s not the only match on the card,

Firstly, Bronson Reed called out Karrion Kross after Reed’s squash match last week against Leon Ruff. Reed seems to be upset with the way Kross demolished him following Reed’s match last month. Reed will get his opportunity for revenge on Kross tonight.

Also, after getting his tires slashed by Cameron Grimes last week, Damian Priest will square off against the Technical Savage this week. Ever since his loss to Finn Balor at TakeOver: In Your House, Priest seems to be on the path to a slow face turn, and perhaps that will develop even further tonight.


Finally, in one of the biggest main events in NXT history, NXT North American Champion Keith Lee will put his title on the line in a triple threat match against Johnny Gargano and Finn Balor, where the winner will face off against Adam Cole to determine NXT’s first double champion. It is impossible to call this one, as all three men could be viable contenders for Cole’s title, but who will come out on top?

All three of these matches and more will happen on a stacked show tonight, and we will begin coverage when NXT goes live at 8:00 PM EST!

Opening Segment

We head into footage from one hour before television went live and Damian Priest was outside of his car in pain. Cameron Grimes was running away from the scene, and it is heavily implied that Grimes attacked Priest, but we do not know. Grimes comes out for his scheduled match against the Archer of Infamy.

Cameron Grimes vs. Damian Priest

Grimes cuts a promo ahead of the match and says that Priest is going to no-show the match. Grimes runs down Priest on the mic and says that Priest is scared of him. He wants the referee to come out and raise his hand in victory.

Priest walks out without music and referees and backstage crews are trying to stop him from coming out. He fights them off and enters the ring anyway.

Grimes jumps Priest before he can get ready. The referee makes him step back and the bell rings.

Grimes runs at Priest, but Priest hits Grimes with strikes and stomps, keeping Grimes at bay. Grimes blocks a back body drop, and Priest goes for a chokeslam, but Grimes gets out. Grimes goes for a German suplex, but Priest continues his attack on Priest’s lower back. Out of nowhere, Priest hits a chokeslam on Grimes, but Grimes rolls out of the ring to prevent a pinfall attempt.

Grimes begins to walk up the ramp to escape the match. Priest comes out of the ring and Grimes comes back and pushes Priest into the ring apron. Priest goes for a crucifix bomb, but his back gave out and dropped Grimes. Grimes comes back and hits a Cave In on Priest on the outside.

Grimes enters the ring and wants a count out victory, but Priest enters the ring at 9. Grimes goes for another Cave In, but Priest avoids it. Grimes goes for another Cave In and Priest is unable to avoid another one. Grimes covers Priest for the victory.

Winner: Cameron Grimes

Rhea Ripley is shown arriving at the arena earlier today and she is asked about her thoughts on Io Shirai. Before Ripley can get too far into an answer, Robert Stone comes out and tries to court Ripley again for the Robert Stone Brand. He announces that Aliyah has signed with the Robert Stone Brand and he asks Ripley once again if she wants to join him.

Ripley responds by throwing him in a dumpster. Aliyah comes out and tries to defend Robert Stone. Ripley tries to tell Aliyah that Stone isn’t worth it, but Aliyah slaps Ripley. Aliyah realizes that she made a mistake and Ripley issues a challenge to Aliyah.

We are reminded about the triple threat main event for tonight, and then we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, we have another edition of “Thatch-as-Thatch-can” wrestling school.

We get a recap of Legado del Fantasma attacking Drake Maverick. Jake Atlas went to check on Drake Maverick as he was wheeled out on a stretcher.

NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar (w Legado del Fantasma) vs. Jake Atlas

Atlas and Escobar lock up early on. Atlas takes down Escobar with a diving crossbody, then gets Escobar in the corner and strikes away. A snapmare leads to a rear chinlock by Atlas. Escobar fights to his feet, but Atlas continues with his strikes to Escobar’s head and midsection.

Atlas hits an armdrag and a double leg takedown, followed by a ground and pound and a series of stomps. Atlas takes down Escobar with a few chops, but Esobar comes back with right hands. Escobar whips Atlas into the ropes, but Atlas hits a hurricanrana.

Escobar dumps Atlas onto the apron and Atlas is momentarily distracted by a member of Legado del Fantasma. Atlas goes for a PK from the apron but his kick is dodged. Escobar uses the distraction to push Atlas off of the apron and into the plexiglass on the outside, and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Escobar is in firm control of Jake Atlas. A heel kick to the jaw of Atlas takes him down, and Escobar covers him for two. Esobar locks in a a rear chancery, but Atlas reaches the ropes and forces a break. Escobar whips Atlas into the corner and hits a back elbow, covering him for two.

Escobar kicks away at Atlas, then takes him down with a snapmar and a an abdominal stretch. Atlas refuses to submit, so Escobar gets Atlas to his feet. Atlas strikes away, and Escobar goes for a Phantom Driver, but Atlas escapes and takes Escobar down with shoulder tackles and a scoop slam.

Atlas hits a standing moonsault on Escobar for a very close two count. Atlas hits a dropkick on Escobar, sending him to the oustide, then hits a moonsault onto Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde. Atlas went for springboard offense onto Escobar, who was back in the ring, but he dodged. Atlas hit a DDT on Escobar, pinning him for two.

Atlas goes to the top rope, but Escobar crotches him in the corner. Escobar picks up Atlas in a fireman’s carry and hits him with an elbow in the face, then a Phantom Driver, covering Atlas for three.

Winner: Santos Escobar

We get another session of Undisputed Therapy. Dr. O’Reilly tells us that we had a slip-up last week with the trunk. Strong says that he keeps seeing Dexter Lumis chasing after him, but he wants to conquer his fear of the trunk this week.

Kyle reveals himself to the rest of the Era and all four members go outside. Roderick gets in the trunk and Cole closes the lid. Roderick gets out and and celebrates. Cole says that Roderick is going to conquer Dexter Lumis in a match tonight.

Strong seems a little shocked, but the rest of the Era seem very supportive. O’Reilly says, “I’m so proud of you.” as Roderick tries to psych himself up.

We get a brief Tale of the Tape graphic for tonight’s triple threat main event, and then we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, we get a recap of the final moments of the NXT Tag Team Championship match from last week that included Indus Sher, Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan, and the two teams in the match.

Malcolm Bivens has requested an interview and he says that he is mad because they walked out last week because they just wanted to see who was going to win the match from last week, but Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch came out and attacked them. He said that if he didn’t hold back Indus Sher, Lorcan and Burch would have joined Drake Maverick in his ambulance last week.

We get a video package recapping last week’s four-way promo between Adam Cole, Keith Lee, Johnny Gargano, and Finn Balor that led to tonight’s triple threat match for the NXT North American Championship and a hype package for tonight’s triple threat.

Back from commercial and we head right into the next match.

Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter vs. Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez

On commentary, Mauro calls the team of Catanzaro and Carter “The KC Express,” and it is unclear whether or not that is their real tag team name or just a Mauro-ism.

Gonzalez and Carter start the match. Gonzalez takes Carter down immediately with a push. Carter chops and kicks away at Gonzalez, then tags in Catanzaro. Kacy hits a chop block on Gonzalez and goes for a rollup, but Gonzalez blocks. Gonzalez has the power advantage, but Kacy and Kayden use double team moves and speed to take down Gonzalez.

Carter tags in and Gonzalez pushes her into Gonzalez’s corner. Kai tags in and Kacy Catanzaro tags in, but Kai kicks out and takes Kacy down with a knee to the face. Kai whips Kacy into the corner and tags in Gonzalez, and Gonzalez kicks away before tagging in Kai again.

Kai and Gonzalez hit a combo kick and powerslam combo on Kacy, and Kai covers her for two. Kacy tags in Carter, and she takes down Kai and Gonzalez. Carter chops away at Kai, and then rolls up Kai and kicks her in the face for a two count. Carter hit a running kick to Kai’s face, then covers her for two again.

Kai hit Carter with a Scorpion Kick, and Kacy tags in, who hits a hurricanran on Kai. Kai gets to Gonzalez, who tags in. Gonzalez kicks Carter out of the ring, then hits Kacy with a powerslam. Kai tags in and locks in a submission on Kacy, and Kacy taps out.

Winners: Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez

Kai cuts a promo to camera and calls out Io. Kai says that Io is in her crosshairs, and Gonzalez says that Kai will be the next NXT Women’s Champion.

Bronson Reed is shown backstage getting ready for his match with Karrion Kross, and that match will happen right after this commercial break.

Back from commercial, and Keith Lee is shown backstage getting ready for his match tonight.

Karrion Kross (w/Scarlett) vs. Bronson Reed

Reed does not make any sort of elaborate entrance, but rather a bee-line to the ring. the bell rings and Reed hits Kross with a series of elbow to the head, but Kross hit Reed with a chop to the neck, then a forearm to the face, sending Reed to the ground.

Kross stalks Reed, then hits a Doomsday Saito on Reed. Kross runs at Reed, but Reed hits Kross with forearms smashes, an enziguri, and a release German suplex. Kross gets back to his feet immediately, and Kross and Reed trade strikes to the head.

Kross hits Reed with a Northern Lights suplex, and a clothesline, taking Reed down. Kross hits another Doomsday Saito, then follows it up with a Krossjacket, and Reed taps out.

Winner: Karrion Kross

Adam Cole is interviewed backstage and is asked who he prefers to face out of the three competitors in tonight’s triple threat. Cole says, “Whoever. Because it does not matter.” He says that he is more concerned with making sure his mantel “has enough room for one more championship.”

Rhea Ripley and Aliyah will face off against each other after this commercial break.

Back from commercial and we get another promo for Mercedes Martinez that ends with the words, “Coming Soon.”

Rhea Ripley vs. Aliyah (w/Robert Stone)

Aliyah immediately tries to run away from Ripley, but Ripley stops her and tossed her across the ring. Ripley hits Aliyah with a dropkick, and she rolls out of the ring to regroup. Stone gives Aliyah some advice, and Aliyah hits a Ripley with a jawbreaker on the ropes.

Aliyah goes to the top rope and dives, but Ripley catches her and gets her in a fireman’s carry. Aliyah escapes and tries to pull Ripley’s hair, but Ripley flattens Aliyah with a clothesline and hits a series of knee strikes to Aliyah’s head. Ripley hit a running dropkick to Aliyah’s head and pinned her for two.

Aliyah kicks away at Ripley for a moment, but Ripley returns with a boot to Aliyah’s face. Ripley gets Aliyah in a submission hold, but Robert Stone gets to the apron and throws a shoe at Ripley to try and force a break. Ripley chases Robert Stone around and into the ring.

Robert Stone escapes Ripley’s clutches and Aliyah tries to jump Ripley using Robert Stone as an advantage, but Ripley catches Aliyah with a Riptide, covering Aliyah for three.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

Johnny Gargano is shown backstage getting ready for his match tonight.

Up next, Roderick Strong with take on Dexter Lumis right after this commercial break.

Back from commercial and we head right into the next match.

Dexter Lumis vs. Roderick Strong (w/Bobby Fish)

Strong does not want to be involved in this match, but Fish forces Strong to come down to the ring and compete in the match.

Strong eventually gets in the ring, but Dexter Lumis stares him down in the ring. Strong is having a hard time looking at Lumis. The bell rings and Lumis does not move while Strong tries to psych himself up.

Strong gets out of the ring and Fish has to talk him up. Strong gets back in the ring and Lumis still hasn’t moved. Strong acts like his going to go for a single-leg takedown, but instead gets back out of the ring. Fish tries to talk Strong back up. Strong gets back in the ring.

As soon as Strong jumps in the ring, Lumis moved for the first time and Strong jumps right back out of the ring and starts to run away. Lumis leaves the ring and chases Strong around the ring until Strong runs to the back. Lumis gets back in the ring and wins via countout.

Winner: Dexter Lumis

Bobby Fish is calling for Roderick Strong and facing away from the ring. Lumis locks in the Kata Gatame on a distracted Bobby Fish. Fish escapes and runs away.

Robert Stone and Aliyah are on a video call with William Regal and Stone is saying that they deserve a rematch with Rhea Ripley. Regal confirms it and makes a handicap match between Robert Stone and Aliyah against Rhea Ripley.

Stone is initially hesitant to wrestle, but Regal insists. Stone relents but asks for a stipulation for Ripley to be forced to join the Robert Stone Brand if she loses. Regal is hesitant and says that is something that Ripley would have to be talked to about, but Ripley walks by and agrees to the stipulation, clearly not worried about losing.

Finn Balor is shown getting ready for his upcoming match, and we are told that the main event triple threat match is next, right after this commercial.

Back from commercial, we get a video with a voiceover from William Regal over a video package for Io Shirai. He has scheduled a fatal-four-way to determine the #1 contender for Io Shirai and her NXT Women’s Championship. The four competitors are Mia Yim, Tegan Nox, Dakota Kai, and Candice LeRae. That match is scheduled for next week.

Also schedule for next week, Dexter Lumis will take on Roderick Strong in NXT’s first-ever Strap Match.

NXT North American Champion Keith Lee vs. Finn Balor vs. Johnny Gargano for the NXT North American Championship and to Determine the #1 Contender for Adam Cole’s NXT Championship

Gargano rolls out of the ring as soon as the bell rings, and Lee and Balor seem content to just deal with each other for now. Balor gets to the middle rope and goes for a diving crossbody, but Lee catches him. Gargano tried to roll up Lee, but Lee blocked it and takes down Balor and Gargano with clotheslines as we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial and Keith Lee is still firmly in control of both Finn Balor and Johnny Gargano. Finn gets a chokehold on Lee from behind, but Lee tosses him off. Gargano jumps on Lee’s back and does the same, but Lee also tosses Gargano off. Finn goes right back to the same position on Lee’s back, and Lee falls down to one knee, but then stands back up and drives Finn into a corner, breaking the grip.

Gargano and Balor run at Lee with a series of strikes and running forearms, but Lee stays on his feet. Balor and Gargano run at Lee, but he catches them both and tosses both of them over his head.

Lee goes after Balor first in the corner, whipping him hard across the ring. Gargano goes for a single leg takedown on Lee, but Lee fights him off. Balor jumps on Lee’s back again and locks in another sleeper while Johnny goes after Lee’s ankle. Lee tosses off Finn, then picks up Gargano and takes him down with a forearm.

Both Balor and Gargano have rolled out of the ring and Lee gets out of the ring. Lee looks like he might go for a pounce, but Balor intercepts him and hits a slingblade, followed by Gargano hitting a senton cannonball from the apron onto Lee.

Balor tries to whip Lee into the steel steps and it looks like he won’t have enough strength. Gargano comes from behind and pushes Lee as Balor pulls and they work together to drive Lee into the steel steps. Lee is finally taken down as we go to another commercial break.

Back from commercial and Balor is driving his shoulder into Gargano’s midsection in the corner. Lee is nowhere to be seen. Balor whips Gargano into the corner and hits a running uppercut on Gargano. Gargano goes to the apron and hits a slingshot spear on Balor and pins him for two.

Gargano picks up Balor and chops away at Balor’s chest. Gargano goes to the apron again and looked for a slingshot DDT, but Balor catches Gargano with a forearm to the face. Balor hits a dive over the top rope onto Lee to the outside, then gets back in the ring immediately and takes down Gargano with an inverted DDT, then covers him for two.

Balor hits Gargano with a slingblade, but before he can capitalize, Lee is back in the action and hits a slingshot crossbody over the top rope onto Balor and Gargano. Lee takes out Gargano and Balor in opposite corners, but Balor is able to take Lee down and hit a double foot stomp on Lee.

Balor picks up Gargano and goes for 1916, but Gargano blocks and Lee picks up Balor in an electric chair. Balor escapes and gets a sleeper in on Lee. Gargano comes out of nowhere and hits a superkick on Balor. Gargano hits Balor with the One Last Beat slingshot DDT on Balor, pinning Balor, but Lee breaks up the pin at two.

Gargano locks in a guillotine on Lee and hits a tornado DDT on Lee. Lee rolls out of the ring and Gargano hits a tope onto Lee. Gargano gets back in the ring and goes for another tope onto Balor, but Balor catches him and tries to hit a 1916, but Lee comes around to the opposite side and hits a pounce on Balor and Gargano.

Back in the ring. Lee was looking for a Spirit Bomb on Balor, but Balor gets a double foot stomp on Lee. Balor runs at Lee, but Gargano intercepts him with a superkick. Balor takes Gargano down with a dropkick into the corner and into Lee, but Lee falls onto Gargano.

Balor goes to the top rope, but Lee stops him and picks up Balor for the Big Bang Catastrophe. Gargano rolls up Lee and gets his feet on the ropes, but Lee kicks out at two. Lee pins Gargano and Balor goes to the top to break up the pin with a Coup de Grace, but Lee moved out of the way and Balor hit the Coup de Grace on an already-downed Gargano.

Lee grabs Balor and hits a Big Bang Catastrophe on Balor, pinning him for three.

Winner: Keith Lee

Adam Cole comes down to the ring and Cole and Lee hold their championships are stare down each other as NXT goes off the air.

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