Welcome to Ringside News’ live results coverage of AEW Dynamite on the 24th of June.

The wrestling world has been rocked all week by news pouring out from all corners. AEW has been no exception and the brand has lost a few stars in the fallout. And it’s not just misconduct that’s halted AEW’s plans, World Champion Jon Moxley has pulled out of at least tonight’s show because of second-hand exposure to COVID-19. And the same is true of QT Marshall, meaning The Natural Nightmares will not be facing FTR tonight.

What will be happening tonight, is FTR facing SCU instead. Also, Brian Cage will be in action with Taz on commentary. Cage is scheduled to face Moxley at Fyter Fest for the AEW Championship, and this will serve as a warm-up. Elsewhere tonight, Brodi Lee teams with Colt Cabana to face Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss, Wardlow faces Luchasauras, and both the TNT Champion, Cody, and Women’s Champion, Hikaru Shida, will be in action.

And that’s the preview for tonight’s makeshift episode of AEW Dynamite. Let us know what you’re excited to see and follow along right here on the Ringside News app. Enjoy the show!



This week’s Dynamite opens with Jim Ross welcoming us to the show. Wardlow makes his way to the ring with MJF.

Lumberjack Match

Wardlow Vs. Luchasauras

The bell rings and the two behemoths run at each other and collide. They throw hands and get some good shots in, with Luchasauras landing some kicks that push Wardlow to the ropes. Luchasauras runs into a lariat and rolls out of the ring where the babyface lumberjacks do nothing.

Wardlow goes out and brings Luchasauras back inside, then attacks him in the corner. Wardlow flips over Luchasauras and hits a shoulder to the gut. Wardlow tosses Luchasauras out to the heel lumberkacks and they pile on him until he bursts out. The Dino attempts to re-enter the ring but a distraction from MJF allows Wardlow to grab him for a release suplex, then another.

Luchasauras lands a kick but Wardlow hits him with a T-bone suplex. Wardlow unloads some ground and pound and takes some time to strut. The dino comes back with kicks and drops Wardlow, then hits a standing moonsault for a two-count. Luchasauras chops Wardlow, then teeps him into the corner.

Luchasauras climbs the ropes and grabs Wardlow by the throat. Wardlow headbutts Luchasauras and hits a superplex for a two-count. Wardlow hits a Frankensteiner, then Luchasauras hits a running Spanish fly for a two-count. Wardlow rolls to the stage and Luchasauras goes after him. Wardlow counters him to land a powerslam on the ramp.

Jungle Boy checks on his friend, so Wardlow throws him off the stage into the heel lumberjacks. A brawl breaks out between the jacks as the two big men fight up towards the stage. Marko Stunt attacks Wardlow but gets military pressed off the stage onto all the lumberjacks, then Luchasauras Tail Whips Wardlow off the stage onto them all. Then, of course, Luchasauras does a shooting star press off the stage onto everyone.

Finally the action gets back to the ring, not that the referee cares, and Luchasauras hits a Tail Whip and a Chokeslam but MJF gets on the apron. Jungle Boy hits MJF with a spear through the ropes to the floor, and Wardlow low-blows Luchasauras before hitting the F10 for the win.

Winner: Wardlow

That was literally the opposite of what a lumberjack match is supposed to be. After the match, MJF storms the ring and attacks Jurassic Express. As all the lumberjacks enter the match the announcers say Tony Khan just booked a tag match for Fyter Fest.

The announcers run down tonight’s show and up next we’ll see highlights of Cody and Jake Hager at a press conference today.

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Hikaru Shida comes out but before her match begins, she gets into an argument with Penelope Ford at ringside.

Hikaru Shida Vs. Red Velvet

Shida hits a running knee right as the bell rings, followed by a falcon arrow for the win.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

After the match, Shida runs out and attacks Ford. Kip Sabian gets between them but Shida hits him and continues brawling with Ford until referees pull them apart.

We see the 2020 Fyter Fest press conference. It’s shot like a UFC press conference, where journalists are asking questions. Arn Anderson talks about the TNT Championship match and says he lit a fire under Cody by questioning his chances of beating Lance Archer. And he did it. Anderson talks about Jake Roberts the entire time, instead of Hager.

Cody is asked how it feels to be the first TNT Champion, and he says it feels like hope. Cody talks about loving real wrestling and not “cosplay wrestling” or “play wrestling”, which is pretty funny considering it’s AEW. He talks about how great it is to have the open challenge each week, where you can bring someone like Ricki Starks from nothing to being on a huge TV show. Jake Hager interrupts with his wife, and just wants to do the photo-op. So he and Cody pose, then almost come to blows. Hager’s wife throws water in Cody’s face and he says the conference is over.

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We see Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss driving again and Joey says he doesn’t know what he is anymore. They stop for gas and a few jerks start a fight with Sonny, who beats them up until Janela comes back out of the store to finish them off. Sonny says he can get used to them as a team and Janela agrees.

Colt Cabana & Brodi Lee Vs. Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss

The match starts with Sonny and Brodi, and Sonny hits a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, but Lee drops him with a lariat. Lee misses a back elbow but counters a bulldog with an atomic drop. Janela tags in and runs into a shoulder tackle.

Cabana tags in but he’s unsure, and Janela drops him with a back elbow. Sonny tags in again and they double-team Colt until Brodi comes back and tosses them both outside. Two members of The Dark Order run down and cheap shot Sonny, then put him back in the ring. Colt clocks him with an elbow, then lands a few axe handles for a two-count.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Brodi Lee is instructing Colt on how to stomp Sonny. Kiss ducks Colt and hits a right hand, before tagging Joey Janela – now wearing sunglasses. Joey hits Cabana with a springboard clothesline and a Death Valley driver for a two-count.

Colt rolls outside and Joey knocks Brodi off the apron. Janela moonsaults off the top rope to Brodi, while Sonny does it to Colt. Back inside, Janela hits Colt with a running uppercut, and then a splash from up top, followed by a 450 splash from Sonny but Lee breaks the pin.

Lee is sent over the top by Joey and Sonny feigns a dive, then kicks him away. Sonny elbows Cabana, then misses a Doomday Device and Colt gets a roll-up for two. Kiss knocks Lee off the apron again but The Dark Order pull Colt out of the ring. Lee throws Janela into the barricade, then brings him inside and hits a discus lariat and Colt gets the pin.

Winners: Colt Cabana & Brodi Lee

Lance Archer attacks Sonny and Joey after the match. Janela throws a chair at him but Archer no-sells it and kicks him. Roberts pulls Archer away.

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The match starts with Kazarian and Cash, who trade amateur holds until Dax tags in. Dax and Frankie lock-up, with Harwood taking him down by the wrist. Wheeler tags back in and drops a knee in the back of Frankie, then backs off and lets him up.

Wheeler takes Frankie down again but Kazarian uses the ropes to escape and ducks an elbow. Daniels tags in and drops Cash with a dropkick, then hits a knee to the gut. Dax saves Cash from getting hit by a dropkick, then Daniels shoves both men and Kazarian runs in. All four men start throwing hands and the action spills to the outside as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Kazarian is beating on Cash, and hits a body slam. Kazarian attempts a springboard leg drop but nobody’s home. Daniels tags in as does Dax, who takes out both men with sharp jabs, body slam, and a snap suplex of Daniels onto Frankie. He sends Kazarian to the outside, then Dax hits a slingshot suplex to Daniels for a two-count.

Wheeler knocks Frankie to the outside, then Dax hits a roll-up for a near-fall. Double clothesline with Daniels and Dax, then both make tags. Frankie and Cash trade hands and Kazarian drops him with a lariat. Wheeler counters a suplex attempt but gets caught with a backstabber. Frankie hits an Unprettier for a near-fall.

SCU attempt a double-team back suplex into double knees but Cash counters it and sends Frankie outside. Dax comes back and they hit a double-team Vegematic for a near-fall. Dax hits a superplex and Cash wants a splash but Frankie crotches him. Kazarian tags in and they hit a neckbreaker/powerbomb combo for a near-fall.

Daniels hits Angels Wings to Dax but Cash breaks it up. Frankie runs at Wheeler but gets caught with a high-angle powerslam. A little misdirection allows FTR to hit the Goodnight Express for the win!

Winners: FTR

After the match, Dax says this might come as a shock to everyone, but the two of them were not a welcome addition to AEW. Dax says it’s fine, because there are good guys and bad guys, and they are the absolute baddest. Dax addresses every AEW tag team and congratulates them for graduating to the big boy table, but that they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. Dax says they talk heavy and hit hard and they are the best tag team in the world.

The Butcher and The Blade are in FTR’s pick-up truck, revving it, and they say they will destroy the car if they don’t listen. They’re challenging them to an eight-man tag at Fyter Fest, FTR and The Young Bucks Vs. The Lucha Bro’s and The Butcher & The Blade. The Lucha Bro’s attack FTR and hit them with the package piledriver. The Bucks run out and make the save but the Lucha’s drive off with The Butcher and The Blade.

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Brian Cage Vs. Joe Cruise

Cage hits a flapjack as the bell rings. Cage catches him in mid-air, curls him a few times, then throws him overhead. Cage hits a hard Irish whip to the corner, then throws him over the ropes onto the ramp. Cage lifts Cruise with a powerbomb and throws him into the ring. Back inside and Cage hits the Drill Claw for the win.

Winner: Brian Cage

Taz gets in the ring and asks where Moxley is. Taz says Cage is here but Moxley is at home, scared. He says Moxley can’t keep running because the machine, Brian Cage, is going to take that title at Fyter Fest. Taz tells Moxley to ask himself if he can stop the path of Cage.

*Commercial Break*

Brodi Lee and Colt Cabana are backstage, glowing about their win. Lee challenges SCU to a match at Fyter Fest and says he will bring his best men and claps Colt on the shoulder.

The announcers run down the card for Fyter Fest, which takes place across two nights, starting next Wednesday and then the following Wednesday.

Britt Baker is running her mouth and passing notes to Tony Schiavone again, saying she’ll get her revenge on Big Swole, who then appears beside her and asks why she’s running her mouth. Swole climbs up behind Baker, whose Rolls Royce has plexi-glass around her now, and dumps a trash can over her head.

Santana W/Ortiz Vs. Matt Hardy

The match begins and Santana forces Matt to the corner while Ortiz talks trash from the outside. Santana continues beating Matt until he throws him over the ropes to the floor. Meanwhile the commentators are arguing with Britt Baker.

Matt goes outside and hits Santana on the floor, before squishing his face against the ring post. Hardy whips Santana into the barricade, then bites his fingers – this is Damascus FYI. Back in the ring and Santana cheap shots Matt as we take a break.

*Commercial Break*

We return to find Santana flip over Matt and jump for an enziguiri but Hardy ducks. Matt attempts a side effect but Santana flips over and slams him. Santana hits a Lionsault for a two-count. Santana Irish whips Hardy to the corner but the veteran turns the tables and punches Santana in the corner.

Hardy gets Santana on the top rope but gets headbutted off. Santana jumps with a frog splash but Hardy rolls out of the way. Both men climb to their feet and trade shots back and forth until Hardy drops him, then hits a back elbow and a lariat. Hardy slams Santana’s head into all three buckles over and over, followed by a lariat and a side effect for a one-count.

Hardy looks for a Twist of Fate and ends up hitting it reversed, but Ortiz distracts the referee. Santana lifts Hardy for a sit-out powerbomb into a pin, but Matt reverses the pin and wins!

Winner: Matt Hardy

As soon as the match ends, Ortiz runs in and hits Hardy with the sock full of coins. He lifts Hardy up and Hardy hits the Streetsweeper. Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy come running out to make the save.

*Commercial Break*

Orange Cassidy comes to the ring, followed by Chris Jericho. The two of them will face-off at Fyter Fest in two weeks.

Jericho asks why the chicken crossed the road and says it’s a dumb joke that gets more annoying you hear it. Which reminds him of Orange Cassidy. When he first heard his name he thought it was stupid. And when he first saw him wrestle he thought he was an embarrassment to the business.

Jericho says he called Cody, the Bucks, Tony Khan and more when they signed him, asking why. They all said the same thing: people love him. So he watched some more and he kinda gets it, he’s doing something different and he’s got over by being himself.

And that’s why people like Cassidy; he’s lazy, a slacker, and doesn’t have what it takes to get to the top. Just like them. But OC broke out of his lane and made the mistake of getting in his business. And so far as their match goes, Cassidy need not bring those little shin kicks because he’ll knock his teeth out. So he’d better dig deep into those pockets and find something special, because he’s going to squeeze the juice out of him.

Cassidy takes Jericho’s mic but sets it down and starts the shin kicks. Jericho looks angry as Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets. Jericho takes his glasses off and crushes them. OC tackles him to the ground and unloads. They brawl into the corner, then spill outside.

They fight over the barricade and Jericho pulls Cassidy’s shirt over his head and punches him, hockey-style. Cassidy slams Jericho into the railing, then they fight up through the “crowd”. Jericho slams a camera rig into Cassidy, then gets on top of a production box and drags OC up. Jericho lifts Cassidy up but he drops down and slams Y2J into the railing. Cassidy’s ear is bleeding. Cassidy runs down the steps and hits a Superman punch that knocks Jericho off the box through a table.

And that’s it for AEW Dynamite. Fyter Fest Night 1 is next week, but until then you can get all your wrestling news and results right here. Stay safe.

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