Joey Ryan’s name was previously called out as part of the #SpeakingOut movement. Now two more accusers have stepped forward.

Coventry-based ring announcer Charlie released a detailed account of their experience with Joey Ryan. It is alleged that Ryan tried to engage in sexual acts multiple times. Ryan was rejected and Charlie informed Ryan that they have a partner, but Joey Ryan didn’t care.

Charlie asked Joey Ryan about his wedding ring and Ryan allegedly replied that they “have an arrangement.” You can read Charlie’s story here:

I’m going to start this by saying that I’m ashamed. Ashamed that I brushed it off as ‘banter’ and ‘it’s just the lads’ – when what happened to me was not acceptable. The wrestler repeatedly propositioned me for sex after a wrestling show. Myself and the majority of the roster shared a few drinks after a show (an important point, this was my second ever show as an MC, – he took ADVANTAGE). The wrestler had come to the UK and up until this point in the night, despite being the only woman in a large group of 6 ft+ men, I had felt safe. The majority of the wrestlers are my friends, my colleagues and my partner.


The wrestler sat beside me and proceeded to touch my hands and my arms, invade my personal space and desperately tried to get me to go home with him. The ‘home’ was another wrestler’s couch, he offered up someone else’s home without their permission to try and fuck me. He offered me sex multiple times, and when I told him I had a partner, that was ignored, despite my partner being only a few feet away. When I asked the wrestler if his wife would mind, indicating his wedding ring, this was also ignored – apparently they have an ‘arrangement.’ He refused to take ‘No’ for an answer.”

“He deliberately isolated me from my friends and my partner, sitting me on the furthest side of the tables, pushing his leg against mine, sitting beside me, almost on top of me. He also made comments about the self-harm scars on my arms – an attempt at negging? Touching and stroking without my permission. Whatever it was, it was disgusting. I ignored it all as a bit of fun, laughing it off in the moment, surely I should feel flattered that a man all the way from America with a wildly impressive resume of titles and matches, arguably the most famous wrestler I have met, but I didn’t. I was left feeling hollow and empty, I finally managed to get away from him, making excuses that I was needed elsewhere. Eventually he left. That was that. My introduction to the social atmosphere behind professional wrestling. I have never forgotten it, and I don’t think I ever will. It wasn’t a joke, it wasn’t some fun. It was wrong, it crossed boundaries. I was victimized, harassed and taken advantage of. F*ck you.”

Since I’m seeing so many people defend him, fuck anonymity. The man in this story is Joey Ryan.

A fan name Marky also had their own experience with Joey Ryan. This took place at a Game Changer Wrestling event and Marky had no idea what to expect. This fan had never been to an indie show before and likely didn’t realize that Joey Ryan’s package is part of his character.

It is a very popular photo opportunity for fans to take a picture of themselves grabbing Ryan’s “mighty dong.” It’s his gimmick, but when Ryan made a joke about this fan grabbing his penis it was offensive for this fan.

The first legit independent wrestling show I went to was GCW: just being honest. I was overwhelmed and didn’t know what to expect. I was mainly excited to see Effy and for that reason had my pride scarf on. It was already scary at that because I didn’t know how fans would perceive me. The fans were amazing. Two wrestlers weren’t. I went to the merch table and David Starr and Joey Ryan were next to each other with merch. I went to them looking at merch not knowing what to buy. I settled on a ‘We the Independent’ beanie and asked them for a picture. They came up to me and the first thing Joey did was look at my pride scarf and say, “Do you want to take a pictures of you holding my dick or would that turn you on.” It threw me off but I brushed it off as cis humor and laughed. Joey then said “or do you want to do it to me” and tried to grope me with his hand. I backed up in hesitation and bumped into David who was behind me and he said, “Joey maybe he’s a bottom” and he tried to slap my ass. I awkwardly stood aside as the fan took the picture.

I told the fan to delete it after as I didn’t want that image existing to come up in my mind ever again. That experience still exists in my mind and might not go away, ever. I was already questioning my sexuality as is and that just made me feel like being gay/pansexual wasn’t “okay”. I don’t even know if he remembers that happening. But thank you. Thank you Effy for also helping me with sexuality after that encounter and making me forget the experience for the time being and make me proud to don the rainbow.

There will likely be more individuals come forward as part of the #SpeakingOut movement. There is a lot more support for anyone coming forward with their stories than ever before.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down indie wrestling Joey Ryan was incredibly busy with a loaded schedule. We will have to see what happens next in this situation.

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