Jim Cornette and his wife Stacey were called out in the recent movement online and this sparked a new slew of stories about Cornette.

Joey Janela and Jim Cornette have experienced issues over the years. Cornette doesn’t appreciate Janela’s work and it doesn’t seem like there is an awful lot of admiration there.

Janela recently took another shot at Cornette for blocking him once again on Twitter. He sang a parody of Blink-182’s “I Miss You” to celebrate the event.

Now that there are stories about predatory actions from Cornette and his wife, Janela had to comment. He posted a graphic saying “Cuck Of Cornette” along with a caption reading: “Yo Jim Cornette and Brian Last, new graphic for you dudes.” Odds are they won’t be using that as the new graphic on their podcast.

One fan tweeted at Joey Janela asking about receiving vindication after Cornette is cancelled. He simply replied that’s never happening to someone like Jim Cornette at this point.

Hey man let’s face it, Jim will never be cancelled

When another fan pressed Janela to spread more dirt about Jim Cornette, he only replied: “I know he used to have guys over to bang his wife in the hot tub, and swinger parties…That’s what I know.”

It seems like Jim Cornette will have a lot to talk about on his upcoming podcasts if he wants to open up this can of worms.

Felix Upton

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