WWE discovered a positive coronavirus test in the company, so everyone needed to get tested. That marked the first widespread company test that WWE has conducted

We previously reported that there was lot of disorganization regarding the testing procedure. There is also a bit of worry among the roster according to PW Insider.

One WWE Superstar reported stated that the entire coronavirus pandemic is a “big work.” Pretty much everyone else is worried about the situation and taking it very seriously. They voiced concerns for their families’ health as well.

For almost every person that we’ve spoken with today (with the exception of one talent who stated the pandemic was just a “big work”), there has been concern at some level about their health and for those with families, that concern was even greater, as there was worry about whether they could bring something back home that they could expose their families to as well. 


Roman Reigns was brought up in one instance as he decided to step away from WWE due to concerns for his family’s health. People in WWE are now concerned, but this was previously an “unspoken” worry. Now that the company conducted widespread testing things got real and it is “in the forefront of their thoughts” like it wasn’t before.

It was also noted that those “friends and family” who were allowed in the live crowd this week did so at a terrible time. There is no way to trace any of those people to tell where they have been.

Florida is seeing an alarming amount of positive COVID-19 test results. The only way to make sure how many people have the coronavirus is to keep testing. This is certainly not a good sign as the thought of a second wave is still on the horizon.

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