Welcome to Ringside News’ live results coverage of AEW Dynamite.

Tonight’s show will see Cody once again defend his TNT Championship in an open challenge. For the first time we don’t know who will answer the call, but it seems far too early for him to drop the title. So don’t expect any big names.

The AEW Tag Team Championships will also be on the line tonight. Against the number one ranking team you say? Why no, of course not. Because as much as AEW likes to tell you wins and losses matter, they definitely do not. QT Marshall and Dustin Rhodes are getting said title shot, who are ranked second with a record of 5-0, four of which matches happened on AEW Dark. Meanwhile Evil Uno and Stu Grayson, with a 6-0 record, are not even in contention.

And to continue on from the dumb ranking topic, Le Sex Gods battle Best Friends with an AEW Tag Title shot on the line at Fyter Fest. Elsewhere, MJF will wrestle Billy Gunn, Superbad Death Squad faces The Young Bucks, and Anna Jay returns to action.


And that’s the preview for tonight’s AEW Dynamite. It’s a tag team heavy card tonight. So if that’s your thing, you can get excited. Follow along here for the live results and enjoy the show!


This week’s Dynamite opens with Kenny Omega coming to the ring to defend the tag titles. Everyone else is already in the ring.

AEW Tag Team Championships

(C) Kenny Omega & Hangman Page Vs. The Natural Nightmares W/Brandi Rhodes

We start the match with Rhodes and Omega, and they lock-up with Dustin taking a headlock. Rhodes misses a lariat but blocks a roll-up. Kenny chops Dustin and attempts the One-Winged Angel but Rhodes slides off and elbows him.

Omega inadvertently knee’d Dustin trying to flip over him. Rhodes hits a hurricanrana but looks concussed. The referee pauses the match and makes Dustin tag out, so Kenny does as well. Page chops QT silly but eats a great dropkick. Marshall rolls over Page but gets caught with a big boot.

Omega makes the tag and hits a springboard double axe handle to Marshall. Kenny chops Marshall and drills him with elbows. Marshall catches Kenny and hits a suplex. Rhodes tags back in and he whips Kenny hard to the corner. Rhodes lands a few falling forearms for a two-count and tags Marshall. The Nightmares hit a double-team Russian leg sweep.

Rhodes seems fine but the show is more concerned in showing Britt Baker sending messages to Tony Schiavone on commentary for him to read. Marshall continues the beatdown on Omega, isolating him, and tags Rhodes who applies a chinlock.

Omega rallies but Rhodes hits a back body drop. Kenny I whipped to the corner but kicks Rhodes away and hits a Kotaro Crusher. Both men make tags and Page steamrolls QT. Page hit a fallaway slam to Marshall, dives over the ropes onto Dustin, then slams Marshall for a two-count.

Omega tags in and hits a fireman’s roll into a moonsault from the second rope for a near-fall. Marshall and Hangman trade shots until QT hits a springboard handstand kick. Dustin and Omega tag in and Rhodes fires off with an uppercut and a bulldog.

Dustin catches Page with a powerslam, then hits both him and Kenny with a rolling senton from the middle rope. Dustin tags out, sends both Champs to the outside, then Marshall hits the QT Special. Marshall gets Omega inside and looks for the Diamond Cutter but gets hits with a snap dragon suplex.

Rhodes tags himself in and hits a Canadian Destroyer to Omega. Page hits a clothesline to Rhodes and all four men are down. Allie comes out and tries to rally QT, so he attempts a springboard senton but nobody’s home. Page tags in and the Champs hit some double team moves for a near-fall.

Page powerbombs Marshall and Kenny hits a knee to the back of the head but he kicks out. Kenny and Page hit The Last Call to retain their titles.

Winners: Kenny Omega & Hangman Page

The announcers rundown the card for tonight. Anna Jay will be in action after the break.

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Anna Jay Vs. Abadon

Abadon tackles Jay and beats on her at the bell. The referee is scared of Abadon. Jay shoves Abadon to the corner and punches her but Abadon no-sells them. Abadon whips Jay to the ropes and drops her with a lariat. Abadon chokes Jay using the middle rope. Abadon hits a basement hurricanrana and that’s it.

Winner: Abadon

The Dark Order come out as Anna Jay is still lying in the ring. Brodi Lee instructs his minions to present Colt Cabana with an envelope at ringside, then his men help Anna Jay out of the ring and to the back.

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Billy Gunn W/Austin Gunn Vs. MJF W/Wardlow

MJF immediately leaves the ring and adjusts his kneepads. MJF grabs the wrist but Billy no-sells it and hits him with a hip toss. MJF lands a cheap shot and hits the ropes but runs into a knee from Gunn.

MJF leaves the ring and walks through the tunnel to the back. Billy goes after him and Aubrey doesn’t even attempt to count them out. Gunn comes back with MJF over his shoulder, then dumps him into the ring. MJF does a Ric Flair strut and talks trash, despite Billy being on top.

Gunn grabs MJF but gets ankle-picked and MJF stomps the ankle repeatedly as we head to the break.

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Back live and Billy instigates a comeback. Billy looks for the Fame-Asser but MJF moves to the corner. Billy runs for a running high knee but nobody’s home. MJF continues to target the leg with a submission but let’s go to argue with Aubrey Edwards. MJF attempts a Fame-Asser but Billy counters and hits his own version.

Billy covers but Wardlow jumps on the apron. Billy gets up and punches Wardlow, who managed to throw the Dynamite Diamond ring to MJF before he fell. Austin Gunn runs around but Wardlow drops him with a right. Billy then goes out and throws Wardlow into the barricade. Billy gets back in the ring and MJF cracks him with the ring for the win.

Winner: MJF

As MJF and Wardlow are leaving, they get into an argument with Luchasauras, Marko Stunt, and Jungle Boy, which quickly turns to a brawl. The locker room quickly empties to pull the two teams apart.

Le Sex Gods are interviewed backstage and Jericho says he’s after Orange Cassidy because he interrupted them twice. Jericho says they beat Cassidy to a pulp. And tonight they’re gonna beat Best Friends and get a title shot, because they’re blood brothers. And blood is thicker than orange juice.

Tony Schiavone is with Britt Baker at ringside but she refuses to do an interview because Tony said some other girl was rising the ranks. Britt instructs her helper to drive off in her wheelchair cart, but Big Swole is behind the wheel and she says “where to doctor?”, then drives off.

Cody makes his entrance. He’ll be defending the TNT Championship against an unknown opponent after the break.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back with Cody in the ring, and he says it’s time for the open challenge. Cody says he doesn’t have Kenny, Hangman, or the Bucks, at his side. He wonders if he’s even in The Elite anymore. But that’s neither he nor there, he introduces Arn Anderson.

Anderson takes the microphone and says sometimes you have to listen to that little voice. He says he knows Cody can beat Jake Hager but the timing isn’t right. We see Hager watching on a monitor backstage. Anderson says now isn’t the time to talk about that. He’s scouted someone who can give Cody a good test.

Stark cuts a promo in which he says he knew he had to try his hand for the open challenge. That he had slept in cars, floors, and had three dollars to his name. So he has made it from the ground up to where he is. And tonight he makes his name even brighter.

TNT Championship

(C) Cody W/Arn Anderson Vs. Ricky Starks

Cody takes a wrist at the outset, but Starks reverses into his own wristlock. Cody drops him with a shoulder, Starks kips up but Cody hits an uppercut. Starks slaps Cody but that pisses him off, so Cody hits a dropkick. Cody hangs Ricky on the top rope and kicks him in the groin. Starks rolls outside and Cody hits a suicide dive.

Back in the ring, Starks sends Cody neck-first into the ropes, then unloads some punches. Starks hits an Undertaker-style leg drop on the apron for a one-count. Starks chokes Cody on the middle rope and hits a springboard DDT for a near-fall.

Cody and Stark clash heads, then Ricky tries to DDT again but Cody counters and hits the snap powerslam for a two-count. Cody takes his belt off and hits a stalling front suplex for a two-count. Cody goes up top but Starks punches him, then climbs up and hits a superplex.

Ricky hits a flying crossbody that knocks both him and Cody over the ropes to the floor. Hager is shown still watching backstage. Starks and Cody unloads a flurry of shots against each other. Cody looks for the Disaster Kick, nobody home, and Starks hits a spear for a near-fall. They trade pinfall attempts, then Cody hits a CrossRhodes for the win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

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Superbad Death Squad W/Penelope Ford Vs. The Young Bucks

Matt starts the match against Jimmy, and his ribs are still taped-up. Havoc immediately attacks the ribs and beats Matt into the corner. Nick tags himself in and hits a leg-drop to Havoc after a drop toe hold from Matt. Kip comes in and they hit him with an atomic drop combo, then dropkick Havoc to the outside and hit stereo dives.

The Bucks knock Kip from the ring again and get into an arguing match with The Butcher and The Blade, who jumps the barricade and get on the apron. Nick distracts the referee for some reason, allowing Havoc to hit Matt with a wet floor sign for a near-fall.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Havoc is beating on Matt. Kip makes a tag and literally does two kicks before tagging back out. Havoc tosses Matt over the ropes onto the ramp, where Butcher and Blade come to stand. FTR walk out and walk down to ringside.

The match continues with Sabian kicking Matt in the back. Havoc tags in and the SDS hit some double-team kicks. Matt hits a powerbomb and tags Nick, who hits some spin kicks, then a bulldog combo. Nick hits an x-factor over the ropes to Havoc on the ramp, then a cutter to Sabian, leaps over the ropes onto Havoc, then applies a sharpshooter to Sabian. Kip crawls to the ropes but Matt hits an elbow drop on him and Nick drags him back to the middle of the ring.

Havoc distracts the referee, allowing Ford to run in and hit Nick with the wet floor sign. Havoc hits a slam but Matt breaks the pinfall attempt. Sabian tags in and hits an assisted tornado DDT for a near-fall. Kip attempts a double foot stomp but misses and eats a superkick. Matt tags in and hits northern lights suplexes, injured ribs be damned. The Bucks hit a double-team to Havoc, followed by Risky Business for a near-fall.

The Bucks look to hit the Metlzer Driver but Nick gets distracted by the other teams at ringside. Havoc hits a butterfly suplex and tags Sabian for a double stomp and a near-fall. Nick makes the save but gets thrown back out. Matt hits double northern lights suplex and tags Nick for a stereo superkick party. The make Sabian hold Havoc in a Tombstone, then superkick both men for the win.

Winners: The Young Bucks

As soon as the match ends, The Butcher and The Blade run in and attack The Bucks. FTR run in and help them. The Bucks hit superkicks, then FTR hit the Goodnight Express. The Bucks hit the Metlzer Driver while FTR hit the spike piledriver at the same time.

Taz is outside with Brian Cage and Taz accuses Moxley of stealing his gimmick. Cage says Moxley brought this on himself and he wishes Fyter Fest was right now.

*Commercial Break*

Moxley cuts a promo in which he says he is the judge, jury, and executioner. He’s in the wrestling business because he has demons. And the only thing that keeps them away is hurting people. And now Cage’s path has crossed his. He challenges Cage to beat him if he can, and survive if he’s as miserable as he is.

Next we will see Sammy Guevara Vs. Matt Hardy, Brodi Lee & Colt Cabana Vs. Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela, The Natural Nighmates Vs. FTR, Luchasauras Vs. Wardlow in a lumberjack match, and Moxley will have a sit-down with Taz.

Britt Baker’s friend has found her in a dumpster outside the arena. Baker berates her, saying she’s been there for five hours. Baker promises to “get” Big Swole.

*Commercial Break*

Le Sex Gods Vs. Best Friends

The match begins and Best Friends just attack Le Sex Gods, knocking them from the ring. Chuck chokes Jericho with a t-shirt, while Trent beats on Guevara. Trent hits Guevara with a spear on the floor, then sends him into Chuck in the ring.

Taylor hits a sliced bread for a two-count. Jericho tags in but Chuck beats him down in the corner. Jericho turns the tables and chokes Taylor using the middle rope. Guevara tags in and hits a spinning heel kick to Taylor, then attempts a most-muscular pin attempt.

Jericho tags in and drops a knee on Chuck. Jericho drops Taylor and attempts a Lionsault but eats knees. Trent and Guevara get the tags and Trent unloads on Sammy. Trent elbows Jericho off the apron, then chops Sammy in the corner. Sammy fires back with a pump kick but Trent hits a huge back suplex.

Trent hits Y2J with a dropkick through the ropes, then dives over the ropes but Jericho hits him with his bat.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Jericho is beating on Trent. Tag to Sammy and he helps Y2J hit back elbows, then pose. Trent delivers a knee to the gut, then makes a tag to Chuck. Taylor knocks Jericho off the apron and hits Sammy with a falcon arrow. Chuck attempts a moonsault, nobody home but he landed on his feet. Chuck hits a powerbomb but Jericho breaks the pinfall attempt.

Jericho is tossed back out as Trent gets the tag and they hit Soul Food to Guevara. Best Friends want to hug but Jericho stops it. Trent drops Y2J with a knee and attempts a tornado DDT but Jericho counters into the Liontamer. Guevara dives over the ropes onto Chuck as Trent gets to the rope. Trent hits a lariat and both men go down.

Guevara gets a tag and goes up top but Trent crotches him. Chuck gets Trent on his shoulder to hit an assisted superplex. Jericho again breaks the pin attempt. Guevara rolls-up Trent following a cheap-shot from Jericho but only gets a two. Chuck attacks Jericho, sending him into the barricade.

The referee doesn’t see Jericho use the bat to hit Chuck, meanwhile Sammy hits a shooting star press for a near-fall. The cameraman on the outside trips Sammy, allowing Trent to slam Sammy and score the pinfall.

Winners: Best Friends

The supposed cameraman comes into the ring and it’s actually Orange Cassidy. He comes in to stand with Jericho, then tackles him and unloads. Cassidy beats Jericho, and hits a Superman punch that sends him out of the ring. The announcers reveal that Cassidy will face Jericho at Fyter Fest.

And that’s it for this week’s AEW Dynamite. Let us know what you thought of the show and come back tomorrow for more wrestling news and results. Until then, stay safe.

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