Shayna Baszler was set to win the 2020 Royal Rumble and Money In The Bank match. Plans were changed in both of those matches and now the Queen Of Spades has disappeared.

Paul Heyman really pushed for Shayna Baszler backstage in WWE. Now that he is no longer Executive Director of RAW, Baszler lost a valuable advocate.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained one logical reason why Shayna Baszler might be off television. He followed it up with more of a shallow reason.

“As far as her not being around there’s kinda no reason for her to be around because the program was Asuka and Nia Jax. The next program is going to be Charlotte Flair. At some point, Shayna was going to be back in that mix, but it wasn’t going to be right now.”


“Her not being on TV may just be — keep her off TV so somebody doesn’t try to beat her when they don’t need to beat her if you know what I mean, because we still want to so something with her down the line.”

It was said that Shayna Baszler was “very much a Heyman project” and “I don’t know where Vince comes with her.” It was also noted that Baszler doesn’t look like the kind of female Superstar WWE would sign.

“You know 10 years ago Shayna Baszler would have zero chance to be in NXT let alone the main roster — that’s the reality. It’s not anything against her, but it’s against what 10 years ago the standards for wrestling was.”

It was said that Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard both come from older mindsets. It was then supposed that they might look at Baszler and decide to push someone else due to the fact that she doesn’t fall into the cookie cutter standard of what a female Superstar should be.

Things have changed dramatically since every WWE Diva was a former fitness model. Now that Vince and Bruce are calling the shots they might prefer to book in that direction regardless of what year it is.

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