Lana Drops 11 Minute Body Bronzer Demonstration Video

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Lana has a very important question to ask fans. She needs a new body bronzer, and she’s having trouble making a decision.

The Ravishing Russian who lost her accent recently posted a new video on Instagram. She was smearing some body bronzer on herself while asking fans to give her a suggestion about a new one she can try. Her favorite was discontinued, so now she’s looking for a new go-to.

This video was over 11 minutes long. She did a lot of talking, but she also got around to trying on that body bronzer.

What’s your favorite body bronzer??

I was so sad when @loraccosmetics discontinued my favorite body bronzers & lotions so I have been on a hunt to find good body bronzers. 

We’re sure that plenty of fans will reply to Lana with useful suggestions. She’s also likely to received a bunch of thirsty replies, but that comes with the territory.

Let’s help Lana out. What’s your favorite body bronzer? Sound off in the comments below!

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