WWE released Drake Maverick from his contract on April 15th. After passionate video reaction to his firing, Maverick received a big push on NXT television. He fought his way through the NXT Cruiserweight Tournament and lost in the finals, but was awarded contract.

As Shawn Michaels spoke to WWE The Bump, he was asked about “breakout Superstars.” He named a few people in NXT who caught his eye, and then he had to give props to Drake Maverick. They apparently wanted Drake Maverick for a long time and now they finally have the former Rockstar Spud.

“I gotta say, I know it’s not a ‘breakout star,’ but I’m thrilled for Drake Maverick and I’m glad we have him. Look, we’ve wanted Drake for a long time and I’m glad we have him.”

Drake Maverick is an NXT Superstar. It’s not the main roster, but it’s way better than not having a job during a pandemic.


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H Jenkins

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