Jim Ross Talks Missed Opportunity During Mike Tyson AEW Appearance

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Mike Tyson showed up in AEW and brought a lot of attention to himself. He also brought out a crew full of MMA fighters that would have also been newsworthy if AEW had any idea they were going to be there.

During Grilling JR, Jim Ross discussed Mike Tyson’s posse of fighters. He didn’t mention guys like Rashad Evans or Vitor Belfort while they were in the ring because JR had no idea they would be a part of the show. This was a missed opportunity, but Tyson didn’t give them a heads-up.

“Tyson came out to confront Chris Jericho, and he had with him four MMA legends, and we didn’t mention them. We mentioned Henry Cejudo and Mike was the focal point, but the other fellas that were there — Rashad Evans, he was not mentioned because we didn’t know he was part of the entourage. Vitor Belfort, same deal. They were in a mass group and they were kinda camouflaged.”

Maybe the next time Mike Tyson agrees to appear on AEW Dynamite he will let Tony Khan know if he’s bringing any of his famous friends along with him.

Henry Cejudo, Vitor Belfort, and Rashad Evans might have been big names, but Gooch still stole the show.

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