WWE Performance Center Stalker Live Streams Possible Arrest Outside Walmart


WWE might not get another visit from Armando Alejandro Montalvo for a while. He recently had an altercation at a Florida Walmart that resulted in him having to end his Facebook live stream prematurely as cops confronted him.

Click here for the latest update on Montalvo’s legal status with WWE.

Montalvo started live streaming on Facebook once again on Thursday afternoon. He was having a heated discussion with a police officer outside of a Walmart.

He asked the cop to curse at him “again” as the video started. Then he said that all police do is “curse at American citizens to get a reaction out of us so you can be cool with those badges on.”

He was apparently trying to check a fire exit at the Walmart. According to Montalvo, he wanted to make sure it was safe. Then he claimed “I am Army National Guard.” He yelled that “it’s not a crime to ensure the safely of citizens.”

The cops started to approach him before Montalvo said: “if you touch me there’s going to be a problem.”

At that point, the police officer told Montalvo to put his arm around his back. The video was ended shortly after that. We do not know if Montalvo was arrested at the time of this writing.


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