Eric Bischoff Admits Why He Was Fired From WWE

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Eric Bischoff was brought on to be the Executive Director of WWE Friday Night SmackDown as they made a move to Fox. It didn’t take long for Bischoff to be removed from the job, but the reason for his dismissal has often be debated.

While speaking with TalkSport, Easy E explained that he didn’t manage his time well. A lot of things are involved with a job like Executive Director of SmackDown, and Bischoff didn’t fill the role in the way Vince McMahon wanted him to..

“What I underestimated was just how difficult that adaptation would be for anybody that is good at adapting. It takes time. And I didn’t manage that well. My lack of performance, if you will, in terms of not fulfilling the role in the way that Vince McMahon saw it, that was on me. That wasn’t on WWE. It wasn’t because of any one person or group of people. It was on me and my failure to adapt. I just didn’t work out. It was a bad fit and more of a chemistry issue, really, than anything else.”

Eric Bischoff doesn’t seem to hold any hard feelings toward WWE. He is already well into the next portion of his life, and he can now look back with a bit more clarity.

Bruce Prichard was placed in the Executive Director position of SmackDown following Bischoff’s removal. Prichard still holds that spot to this day.

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