Riots broke out across America, but Lance Storm noticed something that a lot of others also noticed when they reviewed the footage. A lot of the damage was done by people who are not seemingly African American.

One video showed heartbreaking footage of protesters who were once using their megaphones to chant. Suddenly, they were forced to use them to scream at vandals who were breaking out windows. They pleaded for them to stop, but the destruction continued. Lance Storm then gave his assessment of the video.

I see white people breaking windows and black people screaming for them to stop. This is the important take away from this video. The white people need to be arrested and charged with a hate crime. They are trying to incite a race riot, and blame black people for it.

Lance Storm received some interesting theories regarding this video. It’s not an isolated incident though. News stations are running stories about other footage showing African American protesters begging caucasian people to stop vandalizing property.


This is a complicated matter that can’t be fixed with just one answer. It will take change from within regarding major social institutions.

Her is the famous footage of the “Minneapolis Umbrella Man” which we alluded to in the above article.

Felix Upton

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