The Rock’s Daughter Simone Johnson Pleads With Fans To Stop Saying ‘All Lives Matter’


The death of George Floyd sparked a new call for a change in America. Black Lives Matter hashtags are springing up on every timeline and some of those tweets are responded to by people tweeted back: “#AllLivesMatter.”

Simone Johnson had enough of seeing this reply. She regards it as part of the problem. They are diverting attention away from the actual purpose of the Black Lives Matter movement with their tweet that “corrects” the statement.

A life is a life, no matter what your race is. That is true. Simone Johnson still doesn’t want to see #AllLivesMatter on her timeline anyway.

when people say “black lives matter” & your first response is “BUT all lives matter” you are part of the problem. please listen to others & have sympathy

Reby Hardy had a much more direct of handling people who tweet back “#AllLivesMatter” to her. Queen Rebecca says: “F*ck you.”

Simone Johnson took a less confrontational approach to things, but she still got her message across pretty well. Listen to others and have sympathy.

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