Dana Brooke Shows Off Video Training With New Striking Coach

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Dana Brooke really wants to be a top Superstars in WWE. Her hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed and she recently took it a step further by hiring on a striking coach.

Brooke sent out an Instagram video showing off her recent session. She is one week into her new training regiment and has a new motivation. Now she’s ready to take what she learned and bring it to the ring.

ONE WEEK IN, New Respect ✊, New motivation, Honored to train with the best @commanderzero – my striking coach & motivator – READY TO BRING THIS TO THE RING! Widening my horizons! Thank you @uly_monster for connecting me with great connections! We takin over!! CONTACT @commanderzero & follow him for the best workouts!!! Come train w/ me!!

Dana Brooke’s placement in the Money In The Bank ladder match was a bit of a surprise. She might not have won the match, but her comedic skit with Stephanie McMahon made practically every highlight from the match.

Dana Brooke’s current training is no laughing matter. Let’s see how she implements that striking the next time she competes.


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