WWE has a lot of moving pieces backstage and sometimes it just doesn’t work out for a Superstar. Darren Young had all the tools to make it, but he just didn’t have the support from everyone he needed.

While speaking to The Lewis Nicholls Show, Darren Young discussed his problems with Triple H. This stemmed from The Game telling Young that he had to change his finisher. He went on to explain that Triple H has his own playbook that he writes for NXT and that is something he always keeps in mind.

“Vince is still running the company, but there’s also Triple H, and he has his NXT and he has his agenda.”

Young explained that “I wasn’t a Triple H guy, I was a Vince McMahon guy.” He went to McMahon about ideas and not the writers. He said that he didn’t go to the writers because they “don’t try.” They’re “yes men” and “do boys,” as he claimed that all they do is say “yes” and “copy” things.


“Being able to work with some of my favorites meant the world to me, but unfortunately, it was Triple H who told me I couldn’t use the crossface chicken wing and it broke my heart.”

“I remember after my match at Battleground with The Miz I came to the back and I was in the corner crying my eyes out. Triple H said, ‘come on, why you crying?’ I just said ‘I’m devastated because people aren’t going to take me seriously anymore. I’m putting on the Cobra Clutch and people are gonna say this guy does’t know what he’s doing why’s he putting on the Cobra Clutch and he’s with Bob Backlund, you know?’ The people weren’t going to take me seriously and I was devastated.”

Darren Young stated that Triple H has his own agenda with NXT. This caused him to step in and force Young to stop using the cross face chicken wing finisher because it was being saved for the Asuka Lock.

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