Tracy Smothers revealed that he is battling cancer not too long ago. After six rounds of chemotherapy, he has good news to report. He’s doing better, but his immune system is rather low. This makes living in a world with a pandemic very difficult.

While speaking to the VOC Nation’s In The Room, Smothers discussed his current cancer status. He said nothing about being in remission yet, but he is keeping the fight going.

“I’m doing better; completed six rounds of chemo, so that was just a battle.  I’ve been done with that for a little bit.  I’m just trying to stay in (with) this (pandemic) going on.  My immune (system) is still kinda low so I have to watch it.  I have a check up on Thursday to see what’s going on…I’m just trying to stay on top of it and take my medicines right…just kinda laying low and hoping things get back to normal.”

Tracy Smothers spoke about how the novel coronavirus has changed the world. It is a difficult time, but he is getting used to a new normal.


“It’s changed the world, it’s changed everybody’s lives, so we just gotta adjust.  It’s hard.  You get stir crazy, restless, things like that you know?  You took for granted a lot of stuff, right?  My gosh, just sitting down eating at a restaurant somewhere or going to a ball game…its crazy, the new normal.”

A lot of people are going through a tough time right now. It takes quite a bit of adjusting to overcome this difficult period of human history. Much like Tracy Smothers, the most we can all do is take care of ourselves and take it one day at a time.

Felix Upton

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