Sonya Deville turned on Mandy Rose in the build to WrestleMania 36. The feud between the two former Fire & Desire members is still going strong on SmackDown. It also provided Deville and Rose an opportunity to get a little real with their program.

While speaking to Newsweek, Sonya Deville discussed her current angle with Mandy Rose. She was asked if they dropped any real-life emotion into her passionate promos. Deville explained that in order to make a great storyline there has to be elements of reality in the mix.

You have to, in my opinion. What makes a great storyline, you have to put some real in there. Obviously everything is magnified and has a creative spin to it, but I think it’s very important to bring real life elements in there. When I was working on the first promo I did with Mandy, I was helping write it and threw in there that she came to my sister’s wedding with me, and she was my roommate. Those are things that maybe the writers or someone wouldn’t have known. So you’re sitting at home [and] hopefully that gives you the ability to be like, “Wow, this cuts deep. They weren’t just friends on TV–they are actually real-life friends and sisters.”

When asked about how her promos are arranged, Deville stated that it is a collaborative process with WWE’s writers. They are able to put their own spin on the ideas to personalize them.


For sure a collaboration. They’ve done a great job in taking our ideas from the beginning and running with it and putting a spin on it. It’s been a mutual effort that’s been really fun for us as creators to have a part in what we do. It’s really cool.

Sonya Deville is currently vying for the role Batwoman too. It’s uncertain if she will be granted a leading role on a CW superhero series, but Sonya Deville is getting more opportunities on WWE television.

How real do you think the storyline with Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville is going to get from this point on? Sound off in the comments below!

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