Lana Can’t Take MVP Seriously — He Doesn’t Know What TikTok Is

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Lana could be losing Bobby Lashley as her client. MVP moved into the picture and now Bobby Lashley suddenly has a WWE Title opportunity at Backlash. Lana isn’t impressed with MVP as a leader because he doesn’t even know about TikTok.

The Ravishing Russian tweeted out that she can not take MVP seriously. He doesn’t even know what TikTok is. After all, that’s one of Lana’s reasons for living anymore.

Now that I know @The305MVP doesn’t know what @tiktok_us is I LITERALLY can’t take him serious!!!!

Lana dropped plenty of TikTok videos in the past couple of months. She even doubled her output when receiving hate for posting so much.

MVP doesn’t know what TikTok is, therefore, he’s not a good manager as far as Lana is concerned. Let’s see which person Bobby Lashley prefers leading him to the ring.

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