Tony Schiavone Doesn’t Want To Hear About Social Distancing Today

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Tony Schiavone’s voice remained on AEW Dynamite and he’s still feeling fine. The pandemic worried some 62-year-old’s health during a pandemic, but he doesn’t want to hear about social distancing, especially when he’s holding his grandson.

The AEW announcer sent out a great picture of himself holding his grandson Noah. It’s Noah’s 1st birthday, so happy birthday Noah! Also, don’t come at Schiavone with worries about social distancing because his trigger finger is itching to block more people.

Happy 1st Birthday to grandson and namesake Noah. If you feel you need to respond concerning Social Distancing then feel free, just love sending people to the Block Parky.

Tony Schiavone was tested for coronavirus at the AEW Dynamite tapings as was everyone else who made it in the building. AEW had no positive COVID-19 test results. That probably gives Schiavone a lot more confidence to enjoy a day with his grandson.

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