Ryback enjoys eating hot things every now and then. He recently made a joke about some other kind of heat he’s experienced in his career thanks to Dolph Ziggler.

One fan dared Ryback to partake in an incredibly hot dare that would burn any mortal’s tongue off. The Big Guy responded by saying that he’s had more heat by just walking past Dolph Ziggler as he flirted with a random WWE Diva.

I’ve had more heat walking by @HEELZiggler flirting with Plug in any random diva asking if we’re going for @hooters after the show.

Ziggler was quick to inform Ryback that the “random diva” had something very nice to say about The Big Guy’s arms. It is unclear who this “random diva” is that they are referring to.

Woooo the “random diva” even complimented your massive forearms! well the one, anyway

Ryback replied to the Show Off by making a joke about how many times Ziggler has been knocked out by a female Superstar. It blows Ryback’s mind how Ziggler’s neck crumbled, but everyone has their Achilles heel.

“Had to have been the one that knocked you out when you “forgot” to duck. Still baffles me to this day a guy with your neck width crumbled so easily, but shooters all have their weaknesses.”

Dolph Ziggler made a joke about how working with Ryback was a form of community service. He also took the opportunity to throw a couple of jokes out about the rumor that Ryback has a reputation of being unsafe to work with in the ring.

I did whatever I could to get out of a Ryback match, only getting hit once. It was the safe thing to do & not breach my contract. Plus they said being in the ring with you, counted as community service. ps: feel free to google the word “safe”

Ryback found a very interesting search result when he Googled “safe.” He posted an image of someone choking another human before tweeting a picture himself hanging out with Ziggler in Las Vegas.

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