The Undertaker’s legendary career isn’t over yet, but it is nearing the final chapter. He has a world of advice to share, and anyone should be eager to listen.

While appearing on WWE The Bump, The Undertaker discussed what he tells younger wrestlers on a regular basis. You must love pro wrestling to step foot in the ring. It is a hard profession that takes years of dedication. It’s not for the faint of heart either so a passion is required to make it.

“I can’t say this enough. You have to be passionate to do this. If you just jump into it for the free cup of coffee at the Waffle House, man you are wasting your time. I preach that to young guys all the time. You know, never be content, never settle for where you’re at. If you don’t continue to strive to be on the top of the page and to have your name on the top as the main event name you’re wasting your time. Now, it may not come, you know it may not come for everybody, but if you don’t have the passion to strive for it, now you are really… it’s a tough world, it really is.”

WWE Superstars must sacrifice all the time, even after making it in the largest company on earth. It can be a constant struggle of bumps and bruises while making impossible travel schedules. It is all worth it for those who put in the time and dedication, but it won’t happen unless there is a real drive to succeed.

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