Otis has plenty to be happy about. He is the 2020 Money In The Bank winner, and he has Mandy Rose by his side. It wasn’t always happy times for The Doz.

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On a recent episode of Chasing Glory, Otis discussed the pain that he went through growing up. He was overweight and looked different. This made him an easy target for bullies. Thankfully, he was able to use what he had and put it to good use. Otis packed on the muscle with plenty of steaks and weights.

Otis was able to put those bullies in the past. There are still times when painful memories resurface, but now those bullies avoid him.

“Absolutely [I got picked on] I’ve always been made fun of because of the way I look. My weight problem — not just my weight problem, but the way I looked and just with the reading so I mean I got plenty of stories of me trying to follow kids on their way home and trying to get at ’em, but it’s just that I wasn’t the fast one and recess was weird and all that.”

“These days it’s funny to look back now because a lot of the kids who did do that don’t even have the balls to talk to me anymore. Just because of the things they said to me. It’s very — it wasn’t like, it wasn’t like it’s always about stupid to me is still pretty sensitive to me.”

“Like if someone says, ‘Ah you stupid idiot,’ it hits me, but I’m not gonna oversell it or anything. I’ll just be like, ‘okay, yeah.'”

Lilian brought up how even as adults we can hear things that make us remember bad memories. Otis agreed as this is the case for him now. He was obviously able to overcome things and is doing just fine.

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