WWE is looking for answers and a recent survey sent to the WWE Fan Council indicates that they are working hard at coming up with a solution. This gives us a clear indication about what the company is thinking.

Fans are not allowed in the building for the show. WWE wanted to know first off how often fans have watched their programming since March 16th’s first empty WWE PC episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

The company realizes that they have an issue. The recent survey listed several questions asking fans to list from best to worst. There is obviously a lot of information the company wants from fans right now.

  • Variety of Superstars featured
  • Superstar matchupsCommentary
  • Segments shown outside the ring
  • Number of matches featured
  • Interest for Superstars featured
  • Featured storylines
  • The number of storylines covered
  • Set design layout
  • Interplay between announce team
  • Smack talk between Superstars
  • Backstage interviews
  • Superstar entrances
  • The level of excitement during matches
  • Providing unexpected moments
  • Superstar promos The overall atmosphere of the show
  • Camera angles/zoom on Superstars speaking

The survey asked fans to gauge the same aspects of WWE programming based on whether they were more enjoyable with or without a live audience. There were five choices ranging from “Enjoyed much more with live audience in attendance” to “Enjoy much more without live audience in attendance.”

WWE is trying to figure out what aspects of their programming suffered due to a lack of live fans.

Then they asked “Which of the following Superstars do you want to see more of, less of, or about the same in WWE programming?” Every Superstar on each roster was listed. There were four options “Want to see less of,” “Want to see about the same amount,” “Want to see more of,” and “Unfamiliar with Superstar.”

If an answer indicated that channel surfing is part of a fan’s viewing habits, the company wanted to know what’s up with that. “You indicated earlier that you tune in and out while watching Raw. What do you tend to also watch or do in the moments when you are tune away from watching Raw?” A write-in option was available.

There were two separate sections to this survey, but they asked the same questions about both brands. The question regarding Superstars also featured every Superstar from both brands including Roman Reigns.

The survey then asked participants to “rank the following aspects for Raw or SmackDown, where 1 is the biggest reason to watch, 2 is the second biggest reason to watch, etc.” You can see from the image below how they set that up with a drag and drop function.

The survey then asked if any of the following would detract from fans’ enjoyment of the program. Putting Superstars around the ring as “fans” was an option. They also asked about holding outdoor matches and bringing in celebrities.

  • Superstars in the arena as “fans”
  • Matches that occur outside the arena
  • Championship defenses
  • Use of offsite scenes/matches
  • Inclusion of celebrities
  • Inclusion of more movie-like scenes and action sequences
  • Fan/crowd reactions during matches
  • Having Superstars as part of match commentary
  • Supernatural/fantastic touches during the show
  • Usage of pyrotechnics
  • Outrageous moments during matches
  • Matches with stipulations
  • Comical/funny moments between Superstars
  • Matches with unique camera angles/staging

The survey also asked “How likely are you to ‘cut the cord’ to cable or satellite television?” WWE is losing fans for more reasons than just a lack of interest. Some fans simply stopped subscribing to cable/satellite.

“Please indicate how your habits have increased, decreased or remained the same for the following types of activities during this current COVID-19 environment” was also asked. Options ranged from “doing puzzles” to “watching WWE Network.”

WWE is obviously working hard to figure out what to do next. If you have any suggestions please leave them below.

Felix Upton

Felix Upton has been writing professionally since 1989. His first writing job was penning advertisements for local newspapers around New York. After selling his grandfather’s pinball repair shop back in 2017, he was hired on for publish news for Ringside News.

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