Zelina Vega Says She Put Female Managers On The Map Again In WWE

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WWE didn’t have a lot of managers for the longest time. Zelina Vega seemed to change everything as she became a focal point on Raw.

Vega recently tweeted out a photo of herself in a swimsuit. Included with this new photo was a question about how much she’s changed WWE television. Did she put female managers on the map again? The answer is yes.

Zelina Vega also took the opportunity to ask her haters why people aren’t speaking their names like they are her’s.

Yo, is it me, or did I put female managers on the map again?
You mad ’cause I’m at the PC, out here savage’n.
You in the booth, but I’m who you be channelin’
Why they never bring you name up at the panel, then?

Zelina Vega is just getting started in WWE. She also has her eyes on moving up to managing Randy Orton eventually.

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