15 Legendary Vince McMahon Stories Confirmed To Be True


Let’s continue with the crazy Vince McMahon stories.

WWE had a snow cone party at WWE Headquarters and Vince ate 10 snow cones

The story goes that Vince McMahon stood up on a table and announced in his “you’re fired voice” that he loves snow cones. Jim Cornette did not see this happen, but he “can believe it is true.”

Vince thinks pushing someone in the pool with all their clothes on is hilarious

Jim Cornette confirmed this because he was once pushed into a swimming pool by Vince McMahon at his Stamford home. Cornette said that McMahon has never shoved Pat Patterson in the pool, but “everybody who ever went there for a workday ended up in the pool.”

Vince McMahon got drunk and urinated on Ric Flair’s hotel bed

Jim Cornette hadn’t heard that story.

Vince McMahon has an incredibly thick beard and he shaves multiple times a day

It was said that Paul Heyman once asked McMahon why he doesn’t just let his beard grow out. “I can’t let it win” was the reply Vince gave. Jim Cornette confirmed that this story is true. McMahon carries an electric razor with him in his briefcase and he shaves all the time.

Vince McMahon mistakenly called Michael Tarver by Shelton Benjamin’s name

“I heard that a long time ago,” Jim Cornette said.

Vince wanted Kane’s penis to be 3-feet long in the movie See No Evil

Jim Cornette didn’t know anything about that.

Vince McMahon called a television technician to his house to fix a TV that was on mute

Jim Cornette confirmed this story is true. Vince McMahon didn’t know the TV was on mute and he called someone out to fix it. He thought the TV was broken. Then Vince gave the technician $100 for his troubles when he informed him that the TV was on mute.

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