15 Legendary Vince McMahon Stories Confirmed To Be True


Let’s continue with the crazy Vince McMahon stories.

Vince McMahon insulted Kofi Kingston on a plane and Chris Jericho told Kofi he had to fight McMahon or his career was “over”

Jim Cornette said the story is true, but he wasn’t there. He also said “it’s almost like Vince has gotten younger mentally.” He said that Vince didn’t want to “actively fight the boys” back when he knew McMahon.

WWE Writer was told to stop nodding at Vince McMahon because “Vince hates nodding”

It was also said in the story that “Vince hates yes men.” Cornette said that he’s never seen Vince yell at anyone over nodding. He didn’t dispute it because “it sounds like something Stephanie would say.”

Vince McMahon tried to out-do Mark Henry’s workout

Jim Cornette said “I haven’t heard it, but I believe it.”

Vince didn’t want to hire Gail Kim until Jim Ross informed McMahon that Asian porn is very popular

Jim Cornette said he’s heard Jim Ross tell that story, “so, yes [it’s true]” Then he said “Vince McMahon’s idea of a drop dead gorgeous woman is Sable.”

Vince told Tiger Ali Singh that he didn’t care if he was desecrating his culture by a wearing turban

Jim Cornette said he didn’t see it happen, but he believes it. Cornette then told a few other stories about Tiger Ali Singh’s time in WWE that lead him to believe this happened.

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