Cody Rhodes Reveals His Feelings Toward An Authority Figure In AEW


Cody Rhodes is determined to play a part in running a different kind of pro wrestling company. AEW has done a good job at establishing themselves as something unique so far. The American Nightmare wants to be sure that they don’t slip back into some pro wrestling standards that don’t seem to work anymore.

One fan tweeted out and asked the AEW EVP if All Elite Wrestling will ever introduce an authority figure. This doesn’t seem like something that Cody Rhodes will pull for as he explained his reasons for not having an on-screen authority figure in the company.

Hopefully never. The audience isn’t dumb, they know who management is. Authority elements seem insulting in this era. This is just my opinion, as there’s a lot of fun ways to do this and I respect those.

All Elite Wrestling could always figure out a new way to use an authority figure character, but that hasn’t happened yet. Matches are introduced organically on television and they use commentary to make those new announcements during the show.

Do you think AEW should give authority figures a try? Who would make a great General Manager of AEW Dynamite? Sound off in the comments below!

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