The Miz Jokes About Nearly Botching Nip-Up On WWE SmackDown


The Miz and John Morrison discovered that the Lucha House Party are no joke this week on WWE Friday Night SmackDown. The Miz also proved that he can pull off a nip-up in the process. He almost botched it, but the A-Lister was able to pull off a clutch move.

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The Miz nipped-up this week and landed the move, but he stumbled backwards a little bit. The ropes saved him and he was pretty pleased with himself. He also won a bet with Morrison when pulling off that move.

[email protected] bet me I couldn’t do a nip-up. I won. #NailedIt

It’s nice that The Miz can joke about this moment. Plenty of fans noticed the spot so the Most Must See Superstar In WWE chimed in.

Scale of 1-10, how well did The Miz pull this move off? Sound off in the comments below!

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